Dishwasher Safe Chandelier

The Da Vinci™ chandelier by Schonbek is the first perfectly round crystal chandelier. The perfect round shape is achieved using a patented design and thousands of precisely positioned crystal octagons in different sizes.

The creators at Schonbek decided this new design needed a new cleaning method since taking apart the thousands of pieces was not a practical option.  The smallest Da Vinci™ (10″) can be cleaned in one cycle. The larger sizes come apart for cleaning with the largest (24″) requiring several loads.

While this cleaning method is amazing by itself, I think the beauty alone makes this chandelier a winner.

Schonbek Chandelier
Schonbek chandelier

Using your new iPhone in the kitchen

iPhoneI’d be remiss if I didn’t report on the hottest gadget to be released this year.

Reports indicate that 200,000 iphones were sold the first day.  While there have been some reports that not everyone was able to activate the phone successfully I’m sure all who were are looking for websites that are iPhone compatable.

A great post on NOTCOT shows off iPhone ready site. I love the pictures!

iPhone Recipes

Rideable Vacuum Cleaner

The idea behind this conceptual design is that children will want to help parents clean the house.  It makes me think of when I was young and my sisters and I would put on thick socks and “skate” on the hardwood floors to help my mother wax them to a high polish.  We had so much fun she could only make us stop by putting the rugs back down.  I can’t wait to see this in stores.

Designer: Kristina Andersson
Source: Yanko Design




Round Mosaic Tiles

If you are interested in tiling a backsplash or your bathroom, consider this new twist on mosaic tiles.  Round tiles in varied sizes offer modern sophistication.

Erin Adams  Pratt and Larsen