Glass Shower Pan

Glass Shower I love the wood floor showing through this glass shower pan from Renaissance Glassworks.  It comes in two colors and can be installed anywhere in a room by using their self-supporting showers.  I think this would also coordinate great with glass tiles and mosaics.

Cooktop for Visually Impaired

Diva cooktopIf you are familiar with induction cooking you know it is the safest.  Now Diva de Provence has made it even safer for the 10 million blind individuals in North America by offering a tactile marking kit for its line of induction cooktops. The kit includes a choice of either raised letters or Braille symbols, as well as 3M Bumpons™ that can be placed on the controls for easier reading and identification. Since Diva cooktops use electromagnetic energy to heat only the cookware, the cooking/burner surface remains cool* to the touch.*The cook top will only reach a maximum temperature of 482° F (as compared to halogen at 1,112º F).  The heat from the pan will transfer to the surface and cause it to be hotter the longer you cook.

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Multimedia Hood

media hood

According to a survey conducted by the Internet Home Alliance 33% of homeowners watch TV in the kitchen.  43% of respondants want to watch TV in their ideal kitchen.

Siemans has come up with a new way to incoporate a TV and DVD player into the kitchen without sacrificing storage or work space.  Their 36″ avantGarde® multiMedia Hood incorporates a 17″ LCD with a sleek vent hood.

The 600 CFM fan is quiet (54 dB) so you won’t miss any of the action from your favorite program. 

Unfortuantely, the 51% of homeowners planning to include a TV in their kitchen remodel this year will have to make other plans for watching TV since the hood won’t be available until 2008.