Frankie Goes Flourescent

I enjoy finding new lights that are fun and creative.  I like them even better when they use sustainable design practices and are energy efficient.  That’s why I find these little gems by Fire and Water, a division of Bergworks GBM irresistable.

Most of the materials they use in their lighting fixtures are recycled glass and plastic, scrap metal and a biocomposite made of recycled newsprint and soy flour.  Their products are also manufactured for recyclability.  They can easily be dismantled at the end of their life and recycled.  The lights are manufactured to utilize dimmable flourescent light sources which is a most desirable feature.


64.jpg 63b.jpg


Full Height Marble Splash

Full Marble Splash | KitchAnn Style
White CarreraWith tile so popular these days I rarely get requests for full height backsplashes so I was thrilled to see a picture posted by Materialicious of a German kitchen featuring white marble running not just up the side of a tall cabinet but across the top too.

Most Americans don’t like how easily marble can stain and tend to favor granite or quartz countertops.  If you want to recreate this look with either material you can substitute strips on top of the cabinet to cut the cost and weight.

CaesarStone and Corian Samples


Beautiful Graphic Tile

These days Interior Design is all about self-expression.  Dominic Crinson has something for just about everyone.  This London-based company creates ceramic floor and wall tiles in bold designs and vivid colors.  There are more than 200 designs online and each design has matching wallpaper.

Crinson   succo4_main.jpg

glitz4r_main.jpg    sapphire_5_main.jpg

Design Idea

corner trayI thought it would be nice to share some of the clever ideas that can be used when designing kitchens with awkward areas.  This photo from House Beautiful shows serving trays nestled in a small corner.

 Other options for a space like this include small shelves for a rolling pin, rolling cloth and biscuit cutters for someone who bakes often.