Using your new iPhone in the kitchen

iPhoneI’d be remiss if I didn’t report on the hottest gadget to be released this year.

Reports indicate that 200,000 iphones were sold the first day.  While there have been some reports that not everyone was able to activate the phone successfully I’m sure all who were are looking for websites that are iPhone compatable.

A great post on NOTCOT shows off iPhone ready site. I love the pictures!

iPhone Recipes

Rideable Vacuum Cleaner

The idea behind this conceptual design is that children will want to help parents clean the house.  It makes me think of when I was young and my sisters and I would put on thick socks and “skate” on the hardwood floors to help my mother wax them to a high polish.  We had so much fun she could only make us stop by putting the rugs back down.  I can’t wait to see this in stores.

Designer: Kristina Andersson
Source: Yanko Design




Round Mosaic Tiles

If you are interested in tiling a backsplash or your bathroom, consider this new twist on mosaic tiles.  Round tiles in varied sizes offer modern sophistication.

Erin Adams  Pratt and Larsen




Gaggenau Lift Oven


Other appliances might feel vertically challenged once Gaggenau introduces the BL 253 Lift Oven this fall.  It is similar to the Siemens Liftmatic Oven introduced in the UK last year.

The Lift Oven’s glass ceramic base lowers directly from the oven to the countertop, where food dishes can be easily loaded and then raised into the cooking cavity. Since heat rises, the heat remains in the oven cavity, resulting in minimal energy loss during the lift operation.

Safety is increased since the need to reach over an oven door to remove food has been eliminated.  I’m sure this oven will join the other ADA approved models in Gaggenau’s line up.

If there is a power outage and food is still inside, the oven door can be opened manually.  Gaggenau cautions to wait until the oven is cool to avoid risk if burning oneself.