Contemporary Bathroom Pedestals

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WS Bath Collections Patio and Fontana Collections use exotic hard-woods to support elegant basins.

  concert  console

“A minimalist design, the Fontana has a simple strength that gives it a strong presence. The basin’s black velvet finish lends the perfect contrast to the warm wood pillar. Matched with wall-mounted faucets the water freely tumbles into the vessel like basin, blending gleaming metal, black ceramic, warm wood and the glittering shimmer of water. With a masculine essence and refined simplicity the Fontana Console creates a modern classic for the WS Bath Collections.

 The Patio Console offers a sculptural free-standing design with a contemporary edge. A free-standing pillar, the Patio Console flares up widely from the floor. The vibrant textured grain is then topped by a thin band of brilliant white ceramic. The rectangular basin seamlessly continues the geometric form for a single sculptural unit. Within the warm wood unit is concealed shelf and storage area. A distinctive modern design that rises from the floor to actively engage the space around it, the Patio Console by WS Bath offers a contemporary character unique within the Concert Collection.” —Trendir

I couldn’t have said it better.

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