Outdoor Kitchen Design

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets and Design | KitchAnn Style
Using a designer with expertise in Kitchen design for your outdoor BBQ makes sense. We’ve master the ability to understand how a kitchen should flow and how it should be planned so the chef is not isolated and can socialize with guests.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Secrets | KitchAnn Style

If you plan to break your project into phases using a designer will ensure the overall look is cohesive from the beginning phase through the final completion. The plans produced will take away the guess-work for the trades hired on down the road.

Planning your outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Design and Placement | KitchAnn Style

Most outdoor kitchens are built upon an existing patio, however some are built from the ground up. An experienced Kitchen Designer can bring in professional allied partners such as general contractors and landscape architects to ensure the new outdoor kitchen blends into the surrounding environment.

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Choosing your Appliances

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets and Design | KitchAnn Style

Kitchen Designers take the time to listen to your needs and can discuss the various appliances you might want to incorporate into your outdoor kitchen. Whether it’s deciding between gas, charcoal or pellet grills or if more than one refrigerator is needed; they take all your needs into consideration.
Outdoor Kitchen Design and Appliances | KitchAnn Style

For example, did you know that most consumers who order a side burner actually almost never use it? Instead, consider a teppanyaki style grill. These flat cooking surfaces are ideal for areas like Florida where fresh fish is popular. Some manufacturer’s grills can reach  surface temperatures up to 675ºF edge to edge.

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Material Selections

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas | KitchAnn Style

Kitchen Designers use some materials exclusive to outdoor living while others are the same as materials incorporated into interior kitchens. Many products; however, do not do as well outside exposed to the elements. Here in Florida I have to be careful about UV degradation. In colder climates, designers must be mindful of thermal shock.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas | KitchAnn Style

If you ask a manufacturer if their engineered stone can be used outdoors they will most likely answer no. Do not assume all granite will be a safe selection. I ask if the stone is resined. If it is, requesting a non-resined granite is the best choice. Keep in mind that non-resined natural stone will also fade naturally but it generally takes years for fading to occur.

What else do you need?


Outdoor Design and Seating Ideas | KitchAnn Style

Other important items to consider are storage accessories; such as propane roll-outs and waste receptacles, seating, decorative elements; such as area rugs, water features, potted plants, televisions, fire pits and lighting. Your outdoor kitchen will be the star of your home with proper lighting and cozy accessories.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets and Design | KitchAnn Style

According to an American Institute of Architects (AIA) Home Design Trends Survey, interest in outdoor living space has actually increased steadily over recent years, even while homes are getting smaller. The return on investment is higher than most other remodeling projects.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets and Design | KitchAnn Style

 Feeling inspired and ready to start? Give me a call.

Faucets and Fashion Week

I am super excited this week to be included in a group of noted designers/bloggers attending a product seminar and a Fashion Week Show in NY as a guest of Brizo. You may remember their add campaign with women in gowns designed by Jason Wu (he designed Michelle Obama’s inaugural gown). If you don’t I’ve posted it below.


“Fashion to me is not just about clothes but a full lifestyle. The Jason Wu woman is interested in architecture, art, technology and culture, in addition to fashion.”–Jason Wu

Red Gowns by Jason Wu, Jason Wu 2010 Spring Inspiration Photo by Tara Donovan via Vogue, Brizo faucet sculpture

Brizo takes its name and inspiration from a Greek goddess known as an enchantress and a soother who served as a guide for mariners in ancient times. When asked a question, she would answer in the form of a dream. Hence Brizo’s tagline: “Open your eyes and dream.”

Brizo®, the faucet brand for the fashion forward, meets the demand for aesthetics and performance with a collection of distinctively designed faucets and related products that create a fashion statement in the home.

I’ll post more about their new faucets after the product training. Follow my Twitter Posts for the latest updates.

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