Pizza Perfection

pizza recipe with pancetta and baby arugula.

After years of popular demand, Kalamazoo created a built-in version of its famous pizza oven for people who want an oven installed into a wall or masonry structure and not sitting on a countertop.

Built-in Pizza Oven | KitchAnn Style

Like the traditional wood-fired pizza ovens, the built-in Artisan Fire Pizza Oven is stone-lined. Pizzas cook directly on a hollow-core baking deck. Its honeycombed interior is designed to rapidly change temperature. A ceiling stone radiates heat down to quickly brown toppings.

The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven uses propane or natural gas and heats up in about 20 minutes. It is capable of the high heat needed for making delicious pizza, reaching temperatures of 800 degrees Fahrenheit via two independent burners.

Of course, the outdoor oven can be used to make other dishes such as roasting meats, fish and vegetables. Simply use cast iron fajita pans right on the baking deck. Kalamazoo’s Asparagus Wraps with Crispy Prosciutto and Herbed Cheese seems to be a very popular recipe for pizza oven owners.

Roasted Asparapus on the grill | KitchAnn Style

Priced at $8,295, the oven will surely be the center point of your Outdoor Entertaining. The Oven can be specified for either natural gas or liquid propane, and is made by hand in Kalamazoo, Michigan, of stainless steel.

Kalamazoo has a terrific newsletter filled with great recipes that I personally enjoy.  Try this incredible recipe with pancetta and baby arugula.

Rustic Pizza with Baby Arugula, Pancetta and Tomatoes

Rustic Pizza with Baby Arugula, Pancetta and Tomatoes pizza recipe with pancetta and baby arugula.
A You can find the pizza dough recipe here.


  • 1/2 batch White Wine Pizza Dough,  about 14 ounces
  • 2 oz pancetta,  chopped and cooked until crisp
  • 1 cup shredded fontina cheese 
  • 1 cup baby arugula leaves 
  •  cup halved sweet grape tomatoes 
30 min
30 min


  1. Prepare the pizza oven or grill for baking pizza at 500°F Sprinkle the cheese evenly over the dough. Add the arugula, then the tomatoes, and then sprinkle the pancetta over the top.
  2. Transfer to the preheated pizza stone and bake for about 10 minutes until the crust is crisp and the cheese is browning.


Recipe by Russ Faulk 2009



Outdoor Kitchen Design

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets and Design | KitchAnn Style

Using a designer with expertise in Kitchen design for your outdoor BBQ makes sense. We’ve master the ability to understand how a kitchen should flow and how it should be planned so the chef is not isolated and can socialize with guests.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Secrets | KitchAnn Style

If you plan to break your project into phases using a designer will ensure the overall look is cohesive from the beginning phase through the final completion. The plans produced will take away the guess-work for the trades hired on down the road.

Planning your outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Design and Placement | KitchAnn Style

Most outdoor kitchens are built upon an existing patio, however some are built from the ground up. An experienced Kitchen Designer can bring in professional allied partners such as general contractors and landscape architects to ensure the new outdoor kitchen blends into the surrounding environment.

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Choosing your Appliances

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets and Design | KitchAnn Style

Kitchen Designers take the time to listen to your needs and can discuss the various appliances you might want to incorporate into your outdoor kitchen. Whether it’s deciding between gas, charcoal or pellet grills or if more than one refrigerator is needed; they take all your needs into consideration.
Outdoor Kitchen Design and Appliances | KitchAnn Style

For example, did you know that most consumers who order a side burner actually almost never use it? Instead, consider a teppanyaki style grill. These flat cooking surfaces are ideal for areas like Florida where fresh fish is popular. Some manufacturer’s grills can reach  surface temperatures up to 675ºF edge to edge.

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Material Selections

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas | KitchAnn Style

Kitchen Designers use some materials exclusive to outdoor living while others are the same as materials incorporated into interior kitchens. Many products; however, do not do as well outside exposed to the elements. Here in Florida I have to be careful about UV degradation. In colder climates, designers must be mindful of thermal shock.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas | KitchAnn Style

If you ask a manufacturer if their engineered stone can be used outdoors they will most likely answer no. Do not assume all granite will be a safe selection. I ask if the stone is resined. If it is, requesting a non-resined granite is the best choice. Keep in mind that non-resined natural stone will also fade naturally but it generally takes years for fading to occur.

What else do you need?


Outdoor Design and Seating Ideas | KitchAnn Style

Other important items to consider are storage accessories; such as propane roll-outs and waste receptacles, seating, decorative elements; such as area rugs, water features, potted plants, televisions, fire pits and lighting. Your outdoor kitchen will be the star of your home with proper lighting and cozy accessories.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets and Design | KitchAnn Style

According to an American Institute of Architects (AIA) Home Design Trends Survey, interest in outdoor living space has actually increased steadily over recent years, even while homes are getting smaller. The return on investment is higher than most other remodeling projects.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets and Design | KitchAnn Style

 Feeling inspired and ready to start? Give me a call.

Outdoor Dishwashers

kalamazoo outdoor dishwasher on kitchann style

As the popularity of Outdoor Rooms and Outdoor Kitchens grow, I often get asked by home owners if they should purchase an outdoor dishwasher.

Outdoor Dishwashers are different from the standard dishwasher you would install inside the home. They are specifically designed to hold up to weather extremes, dirt and have a special wash cycle for tough to clean items.

There are two manufacturers to choose from – Kalamazoo, which holds the bragging rights for being the first to introduce the outdoor dishwasher and Asko. (Note: Asko’s website also says they were the first but Kalamazoo debuted theirs at KBIS 2011)

kalamazoo outdoor dishwasher on kitchann style

Both offer dishwashers with stainless interiors and exteriors, adjustable racks that will hold 12 place settings, weatherproof electronics, water safety leak protection and winterization steps.

Kalamazoo offers separate finished sides and back for the dishwasher to build it into their stainless cabinets. The Asko model includes a finished stainless exterior so it can be built-in or free-standing.


So, should you include one of these in your plans to upgrade or add an outdoor kitchen?

Most homes have a single wall outdoor kitchen that has barely enough room for a grill, sink and undercounter refrigerator. So if you fall into this category I’m sure you’d rather have the refrigerator than a dishwasher.

Kalamazoo Optional Back

If you have a large outdoor kitchen area and plenty of storage space then the question comes down to the size of the budget. An outdoor dishwasher is about $4,000. That may be a quarter to half of the entire budget so it is a big decision.

If you have the space and money is no object then I factor in the location of the outdoor kitchen to the house.

Asko Back

If your outdoor kitchen is very far away from the home then you may actually want to consider using an outdoor dishwasher. A perfect example is a lakefront home.

If the outdoor kitchen is positioned near the water because that is where everyone hangs out and the home is set back from the water’s edge and possibly elevated; then carrying a lot of items back and forth may be very inconvenient.

One last note, you may be the ideal homeowner for an outdoor dishwasher but local building codes could also be a factor – especially in flood zones.