New Ravenna Parterre Collection

New Ravenna has released the Parterre Collection designed by Sara Baldwin and Paul Schatz. The 18 designs in this collection are hand crafted in natural stone, Serenity glass, shell, ceramic, and aluminum and are available in different material combinations.New Ravenna Paterre Collection | KitchAnn Style

The parterre gardens were beloved for their charm and symmetrical grace. Each one became an oasis of tranquility and scented beauty. While designing this collection, Paul and I combined materials to replicate the organic texture of the gardens which were a medley of earth, foliage, masonry and pebbles. – Sarah Baldwin

New Ravenna Paterre Collection | KitchAnn Style

Every mosaic in the Parterre Collection is hand crafted by artisans on the Eastern Shore and customized to fit each installation. The mosaics can be installed on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, indoors and out.

New Ravenna Paterre Collection | KitchAnn StyleThis hand-cut mosaic of honed Horizon Dark and Cashmere is an instant classic. The soothing neutral tones would complement almost any room in your home.

New Ravenna Paterre Collection | KitchAnn Style

The geometric shapes of Almerita is the perfect blend of  masculinity and femininity. The honed Thassos is set off by the polished Saint Laurent pieces.


Founded in 1991 by Sara Baldwin, New Ravenna is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of stone and glass mosaics in North America.



Peacock Mosaic Tile

Peacock Mosaic Tile | KitchAnn Style

Look closely at this picture and you can see the individual mosaic pieces that make up the peacock plumage.  These glass mosaic tiles from New Ravena Mosaics are hand cut from 6″ glass stalks.

Glass mosaics don’t have to be sheets of uniform tiles.  You can let your imagination and color palette run wind

New Ravena Mosaics was founded in 1991 by Sara Baldwin, one of the countries best mosaic designers.  She draws much of her inspiration from the Virginia Coastal area.

Designs start at $120 per square foot.