Whirlpool Duet Aspen Green Steam Pair

duet.jpgLook out LG, Whirlpool introduces the next level of laundry technology with their Aspen Green Duet Steam Pair which offers a dual steam solution and more efficiency in a crisp new green package.

The new Duet Steam washer effortlessly removes stains from grass to grease, even sanitizing towels, sheets and stuffed toys without the need for bleach. There are 14 cycle pre-sets, a built-in heater and a special timed-release dispenser option for delivery of OxiClean stain remover. With 6th Sense Technology,  the machine monitors load size, temperature and sudsing.

The Duet Steam washer continues the legacy of eco-efficiency. The brand’s most energy efficient washer to date uses up to 73 percent less water and 77 percent less energy as compared to conventional top-loaders. 

The new Duet Steam dryer features two cycles – Enhanced Touch-Up and Quick Refresh – that infuse clothing with steam to refresh and dewrinkle. Thanks to special plumbing that’s easy to install, there’s no need to add water at the start of every cycle like other brands. Plus, an NSF Certified Sanitize cycle eliminates 99.9% of infectious bacteria.

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Did you know Consumer Reports recommends replacing a washing machine when the repair price is half the price of a comparably equipped new machine? They also say to forget repairing and replace a machine older than 6 years old.

Floral Range Cooker

Rangemaster, which is part of the Aga Foodservice Group, offers their first printed cookers in three playful floral designs – Orchid, Gerbera and Wild flowers.

These designs are printed on the front of their popular Excel 110 model.  Their website says more collections will be released this year.  These will be direct competition for the Britannia Couture Cookers.

I can imagine these being used in modern kitchens and simple country kitchens.  I’d love someone to send me pics of their kitchen with one installed.


Asko HomePub

Home Pub | KitchAnn Style
homepub.jpgSince every party always winds up in the kitchen it makes since to serve the beer from the kitchen.

The Asko HomePub is a combination refrigerator-freezer with a through-the-door beer tap.  An extra shelf for storing a 5-litre keg lets you chill your extra keg while you drink the first.  Special features include an anti-bacterial system, CO2 cartridge and tap are designed into the door for maximum refrigerator storage, manual temperature controls, quiet (38dbA) operation and auto-defrost.

The unit is currently sold in Europe but plans are in the works to sell Asko Refrigeration Products in America.


What Kind of Kitchen Are You?

House and Garden Magazine has an online quiz to help you determine what kind of kitchen matches your liftstyle.  It is a fun, simple quiz.  Below are two of my kitchen matches.  Take your quiz here.