HDTV So Good, Viewers Will Watch HD Shows They Don’t Even Like

A recent Motorola survey found that consumers with HDTV were so astounded by the picture on the screen that they watched almost anything that looked good, whether they were really interested in the subject or not.

And, the survey found that all those brilliant images had an unintended side-effect for nearly one in five of the respondents: Real life now looks blurry when compared to the crisp picture on their hi-def TV sets.

Of those watching the brilliant picture on their high-definition plasmas and LCD screens:

  • 30 percent said they are “watching more nature shows than they did in 3rd grade”
  • 12 percent said they are watching sports, even though they don’t like sports, and
  • 11 percent are using HDTV to their delight in pointing out celebrity blemishes and flaws

I guess this is not good news for people who already admit they watch too much television.  I’m starting to have clients as me to plan for HDTV in the kitchen so they will stop eating their meals in the family room.

By the way, the number one movie respondents want to see in HDTV is “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  I’m not sure if that is due to when the survey was taken or if it is because this 1946 classic is such a chart topper.

I hope you have the happiest of holidays!


Studio Forbes

2h.jpgThe founder of Design Within Reach, Rob Forbes, has started a new blog called “Studio Forbes.” 

The mission of Studio Forbes is to bring attention to good design all around the world.  His blog also covers additional topics like travel and food and wine.

I especially liked the post about Rem Koolhaas.

Children’s Bed Cupboard

Custom Bedroom Cupboards for Children
Most of my whole house projects involve some sort of built-in.  They can be anywhere from dining rooms to hallways.  But, I have yet to be asked to design a child’s bed.

These images from the Netherlands based Kid’s Factory are so much fun.  I always wanted a sleeping compartment as a child and I would have pestered my parents to no end if I thought I could get one as cool as these.

Built-in Cupboard Child's Bed

Built-in Cupboard Child's Bed | KitchAnn style  Built-in Cupboard Child's Bed | KitchAnn style  Built-in Cupboard Child's Bed | KitchAnn style

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Petite Tub Perfect for Small Spaces

If you are remodeling a loft space or if you’ve ever wished you could have just one more bathroom in your home but you are tight on space then the Ladybird bath might be the perfect solution.

Lift the sink top off and your have a petite bathtub.  While this may be a little tight for adults it is perfect for children or grandchildren.   I think it’s free-standing design is also lends itself well to being used in an all-purpose room for washing the family pet or cleaning up after crafts.

Designer: Coco Reynolds, Australia