CaesarStone Gallery

ruby01.jpgCaesarStone, the manufacturer of CarsarStone quartz surfacing and Concetto semi-precious surfacing has an online gallery showing actual installations of their products.

I like that their gallery is divided by color and style  – ultra modern, modern, traditional, commercial.  This is especially helpful when trying to see what a 2×2 sample will look like as a countertop in a kitchen or bathroom.

Picture Galleries are also great sources for inspiration.  You might be searching for the right countertop and stumble upon hardware or a unique lighting application you want to incorporate into your own project.

If you want to upload your own photos of your new CaesarStone creation, visit their upload page.  


Exotic Hardwood Floor

Exotic Hardwood Flooring | KitchAnn StyleA great way to make a room a showcase is to install exotic wood flooring.
According to Shannon, who blogs at Floor Talk! exotic wood floors will set your home apart from others that have more traditional wood flooring.
Over 60 species of exotic woods exists around the world.  Popular flooring choices include Santos, Mahogany, Brazilian Walnut, Tiete Rosewood, Brazilian Teak and Amendoim.  The flooring is available solid or engineered.
Like any unique flooring or design purchase, be sure to view or request several different samples to see the range of color and grain in the floor. These natural characteristics are part of what makes the item exotic.

Also make sure you understand how hard your wood floor will be.  Many people are under the misguided notion that hardwood floors will not dent under heavy pressure.

Peacock Mosaic Tile

Peacock Mosaic Tile | KitchAnn Style

Look closely at this picture and you can see the individual mosaic pieces that make up the peacock plumage.  These glass mosaic tiles from New Ravena Mosaics are hand cut from 6″ glass stalks.

Glass mosaics don’t have to be sheets of uniform tiles.  You can let your imagination and color palette run wind

New Ravena Mosaics was founded in 1991 by Sara Baldwin, one of the countries best mosaic designers.  She draws much of her inspiration from the Virginia Coastal area.

Designs start at $120 per square foot.

My Washing Machine is Calling

If you ever worry about your home while you are away on vacation or business then a detection system with auto shut off and phone dialer will provide the peace of mind you need.

Titan Safety Products has a line of wireless safety products that respond to smoke, water leaks, carbon monoxide and health emergencies in the home sounding an alarm and making up to six separate phone calls to alert the call recipients of a problem.

The WaterTitan increases this functionality by also automatically shutting off the incoming water main when a water leak is detected, in addition to sounding an alarm and calling the programmed numbers. The Auto-Dialer unit will continue to sequence calls until the call recipient confirms the alert message. There are no activation or monthly fees for this service.

The water leak sensor is wireless and can detect as little as 1/32nd of an inch of water, which is the equivalent of wetting your fingertip. These devices can be used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens or basements, and have a range of over 250 feet.

Once installed, the system is self-monitoring, easily programmed and self-testing. The dialer can support up to 50 separate devices from Titan Safety such as sensors for CO, smoke, water and a health alert panic button.