Surface iQ

Kitchens can be dirty rooms.  There are spills, cooking splatter and sometimes no matter what you do there are hand prints everywhere.  All these things are why I like Surface iQ.

surfaceiq.jpgSurface iQ from Len-Texis a wallpaper alternative. It looks and performs like vinyl wallpapers but is actually engineered polyethylene film laminated to a fabric backing.  This means no plasticizers, no pvc and no formaldehyde.

Surface iQ has earned the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Certification at the Silver tier for healthy and sustainable product design.  It is the only printed commercial grade wallcovering to hold this certification.

Since 2004 Surface iQ has been a choice product where indoor air quality is critical.

Surface iQ is available in 17 patterns with various color choices in 54″ widths.

Alternative Mirror Designs

loveme.jpgNarcisse Mirrors from Domestic are not typical mirrors.   In fact, the shapes are quite unusual.  The purpose of these designs was to free the mirrors from traditional frame.

With these extraordinary designs and shapes from various artists you can make a lonely wall more interesting or you can use a mirror such as the “I Love Me” to make a statement.

alice.jpg  narcisseman.jpg

narcissewoman.jpg spline.jpg

Books for the Bathtub

durabook.jpgDuraBooks™ were first made for scuba divers but their waterproof pages soon made them popular with beach goers and people who like to read while soaking in the tub.

Originally created in the late 90’s from polypropylene film, Melcher Media was forward thinking in creating a product that can be “upcycled” in perpetuity.

While paper is recyclable, it is considered “downcyclable” because with each recycling process the fibers loose quality and virgin pulp has to be added.  Furthermore, since ink can not be lifted from the pages, toxic chemicals remain part of the pulp.

The synthetic pages feel like quality card stock but are made from plastic resins and inorganic fibers.  No wood pulp or cotton fiber is used.  The bindings are more sturdy than any paper or hardcover book spine.  The pages are also stain and tear resistant.

Durabooks are considered Green because they can be melted down and reused as other products multiple times, thus sparing trees and reducing toxin emissions.

I always like to pass a book I’ve read on to another person for them to enjoy.  I like the idea that these books are durable and can be read over and over again.

Hunter Fan Illumi-Heat

hunter-fan.jpgThis might look like an typical ceiling mounted light fixture, but this new light fixture from Hunter Fan Company actually contains a heating element.

The Illumi-Heat Fixture has a 700-watt ceramic heating element that can be used in bathrooms, mudroom, or any small room that could use some extra heat. 

Operated by remote control, the heating element can raise the temperature of a 215 sq. ft. room 5 degrees in an hour.  When you don’t need the extra heat, the fixture operates as a any other normal light fixture.

This is such a great product.  I’ve been in many homes that could use this very fixture.