Most Seen Product at KBIS

servo-driveI am back from the biggest trade show for the Kitchen and Bath Industry held this past weekend in Chicago. 

Without a doubt, Blum, Inc’s new Servo-Drive opening system had to be the most displayed product.  In addition to being a feature item in Blum’s Exhibit, almost every cabinet manufacturer also featured it in their booths as well.

The Servo-Drive is an electric version of a touch-latch.  One simple push of the drawer head or tug at the handle and the drawer opens automatically for you.

Blum showed the Servo-Drive on cabinets with no hardware.  While this looks very sleek I’d recommend adding hardware for opening the drawers in case the power goes out.

One other thing I’d suggest if you want the system in your next kitchen would be to make sure you don’t keep any food in lower drawers.  A paw can just as easily open the drawers as a finger.

Experience SERVO-DRIVE

Social Cooking

Cook-N-DineCooking is a great way to entertain. Restaurants put special equipment in full view of patrons to bring flair to food preparation.  The Japanese method of cooking on a solid plate is referred to as Teppanyaki-style grilling.  Many Americans know this by the name hibachi.

While flat cooking surfaces have been offered for years on high-end ranges.  New free-standing varieties bring the restaurant flair to your home.

Cook-N-Dine offers a various shaped cooking surfaces that can be built into any surface.  If you do not have the space to install a cooktop one of their free-standing tables allows you to place your cooktop anywhere- indoors or out. As a safety feature the center surface bends to form a shallow pit when the unit is hot.  The outer rim of the tables always stays cool.

EvoAnother indoor/outdoor option comes from Evo, Inc. They offer the Affinity Built-in cooking appliance in both a residential and professional models.  Both styles feature selectable inner and outer cooking zones.  Dual circular gas burners underneath ceramic coated steel work to produce temperatures up to 670°F. 

If you don’t need a large cooking surface and want a bit more style the Tepan Grill Table from Troy Adams Design is an ideal choice.  These tables use charcoal and gas.  A downdraft system built into the table helps to keep smoke under control.

 Troy Adams Design 



Unique Veneers on the Rise

walnutWith all the new technology being applied to kitchens and kitchen design it is no wonder homeowners are taking advantage of the ability to customize their kitchens to their own personal tastes.

Customers today are used to affordable luxury.  Gone are the days when you have to shop at high-end stores to get designer names and styles.  The same Marketing that places Polo and Calvin Klein in Costco stores has trickled into cabinet manufacturing.

Cabinet manufacturers are now showcasing unique and exotic veneers in their standard line-up of species offered.  Homeowners are gravitating towards these offerings because it lets their home stand out in the crowd.

BeechAccording to the Timber Products Company, a quality wood product supplier in the cabinet industry, the technology behind Engineered Veneers has also contributed to the increase in veneer popularity because new cost-savings and consistent appearance add value.

It’s no surprise Bamboo veneer will be popular this year.  Other species to be fashionable are Beech, Walnut and Knotty Alder for it’s eye catching rustic appeal.

Using veneers with knots or in a dull luster are now giving homeowners with traditional tastes access to material they never would have considered using before.  I often tell clients who really like a unique veneer but are hesitant to commit to it to consider using it for a specialty piece such as a refrigerator armoire or small island.

Wenge Vanity for Recent Client. Contact me for your Unique Veneer Cabinetry.


Diamond Faucet for your Bath

This faucet is so much better than the Swarovski crystal toilet I wrote about in January.  For starters the Oz faucet is made of white gold and over 10 carats of diamonds.  If that doesn’t impress you, then the clean lines will.

The Oz Diamond Edition Collection from Teknobili, designed by architect Nilo Giaocchini, was reproduced by master jeweler Professor Alberto Cotogno with 282 VVS diamonds.  This handle is available on both the lavatory and bidet faucet.