Moms Like Us

Samsung washer and dryerSamsung announced the launch of Moms Like Us, an on-line social network for their Washers and Dryers that celebrates “Life, Laundry and the Pursuit of Cleanliness.”

In addition to finding product information, participants can post and respond to messages, start their own groups within Moms Like Us, and take part in building the Laundry-Pedia, an encyclopedia of laundry tips.

If you register before the end of the year with Moms Like Us you will be entered to win a brand new Samsung Washer and Dryer pair.

Laundry-Pedia Example:

Washing tips: Antique linens
Soak spots in a solution of 1 part lemon juice and 1 part water with a pinch of salt. For stubborn stains, try immersing in a bath of non-chlorine bleach set in direct sunlight. Soak if needed, changing the water and bleach daily. To iron, blot linens dry, and wrap in a terry towel. Put in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days so the moisture will be drawn out evenly. Spread on a fresh terry towel and iron.

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Kitchen Star

Electrolux is celebrating it’s 90th anniversary by creating a photo exhibit and on-line gallery of 90 customers and their most memorable kitchen experience.

If you’d like to be an Electrolux Kitchen Star, email a picture of yourself preferably with a view of the kitchen appliance with a short description of your Kitchen Star moment to

You could write about when you proposed to your wife in the kitchen or when you cooked your first big Holiday meal all by yourself.

The selected 90 Kitchen Stars will receive the iconic Electrolux ErgoRapido in addition to being featured in a photo exhibition.  Good Luck!

Electrolux Kitchen Star      ErgoRapido

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Around the Web November 2008

blackboardshelfBrown Turtleneck Sweater is a wonderful blog with decorating and entertaining ideas you’ll love to bookmark.  Here’s a photo from Brittnye’s Blog that shows another use for Chalkboard Paint.  By painting the back of the shelving dark the objects on display really stand out.  The paint is also a great way to make a new shelving unit look instantly older.  You can personalize this further by writing out a daily menu.  If you are entertaining guests you can list your feature coffee bean next to the coffee machine.

If you like to watch HGTV, you’re going to love visiting Interior Designer Kenneth Brown‘s Blog.  His popular TV shows “reDesign” on HGTV and “Over Designed” on TLC have help catapult him to being one of the most sought-after interior designers in Los Angeles.  In one of his posts he gives easy examples of how to use containers and backyard cuttings to freshen up a room.

pinkroseOver at decorology, another fabulous design blog, you can get a pictorial tour of the home of Patti Silverman.  The white on white palette is stunning.  You would never use the word sterile to describe this home.  All the posts have beautiful pictures for providing lots of inspiration.

A life’s design has a great post showing re-purposed industrial items.  This is another well thought-out site great for inspiration.  I also really enjoyed the post showing some great alternatives for decorating with seasonal pumpkins.

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Back-painted Glass Splash

White splash | Kitchen Studio of Naples

 Kitchen Studio of Naples Vendor SampleMy new samples of back-painted glass came and I’m really excited about using it in a project.

Most homeowners are familiar with full height glass backsplashes.  In the past, full-height mirrors were very popular for making small kitchens look bigger.

Today’s hot trend is to customize glass panels with the color of your choice for a seamless look that fits in contemporary or traditional settings.

This is a beautiful product that can be templated to fit most splash applications.  I say most because it would be quite difficult if not impossible to get a full glass panel behind an existing exhaust hood.

The availability of large glass panels have also made back-painted glass popular in bathrooms.  They are being used for splashes, tub skirts and shower walls.  With no grout lines like you would have with glass tile, the glass panels are very easy to clean.

You don’t have to stick to solid colors, artists can also custom paint a panel in any image or abstract design you want.

If you are uncertain you are ready to put in full glass splashes, there’s an Australian website that has an incredible Virtual Kitchen Program on their website that lets you view 60 different color options. DecoGlaze Virtual Kitchens Website.