2009 Color of the Year: Mimosa

Color trends 2009Pantone has officially named color 14-0848, Mimosa, as it’s 2009 color of the year.

During this time of economic uncertainty and political uncertainty, no other color expresses hope and optimism more than yellow.

“The color yellow exemplifies the warmth and nurturing quality of the sun, properties we as humans are naturally drawn to for reassurance,” explains Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “Mimosa also speaks to enlightenment, as it is a hue that sparks imagination and innovation.”

guest room

Pantone said the flowers of the mimosa tree, as well as “the sparkle of the brilliantly hued cocktail” are key to this color that “coordinates with any other color, has appeal for men and women, and translates to both fashion and interiors.”


sonja la fluer mosaic

Tennessee Orange

Goodbye Blue!  Hello Mimosa!



Versace Palace Stone Tile

Versace Tile | KitchAnn Style
A  new collaborative effort between Versace Ceramic Design and tile manufacturer Gardenia-Orchidea brings a beautiful collection called Palace Stone.Versace Greek Key | KitchAnn Style

This powerful collection delivers  textured orsemi-polished geometric tiles for both walls and floors.  Tile sizes range from small mosaics to large format tiles.  Exquisite details include metal inlays and relief patterns that look hand crafted.

Versace Palace Stone

The back of each tile is engraved with the Versce Logo to prevent counterfeiting.

Versace logo on back


Jaclo Luxury Outdoor Shower Collection

jacloJACLO, a decorative plumbing products manufacturer, known for their decadent shower systems, including the Dream Light Rain Canopy and illuminated Lumiere showerhead, has introduced a luxury outdoor shower collection.

The Arch Column and AquaBambu shower columns are perfect complements to modern pools.

Both can be outfitted with a mixing valve for hot water use,  are available in polished or matte stainless steel and can be fitted with a port/valve to drain, which is ideal for cold climates to protect against freezing.

The Arch Column  features two spray functions, which can be operated from side-mounted controls. Spray functions include an adjustable angle rain tile showerhead and foot wash outlet.

The AquaBambu shower column features a round, waterfall spray as well as a foot wash outlet.

These sleek shower columns can easily be added to your existing pool deck without having to trench for plumbing lines. An external water inlet can be used with a garden pipe or external water connection.

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Can Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Make You Sick?

MigraineConcerns over health risks from Electromagnetic Field (EMF) sources is not new.  Scientists have been studying EMFs since 1985.

We are surrounded by sources of EMF daily.  They include power lines, computers, fax machines, video monitors and cell phones.

For years, some people have reported health problems they attribute to exposure to EMF.  Their condition is referred to as “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” or EHS.

According to a World Health Organization  (WHO) study EHS symptoms commonly include dermatological symptoms (redness, tingling) ad well as neurasthanic and vegetative (fatigue, concentration difficulties, dizziness, heart palpitations and digestive disturbances).

While the WHO states EHS is characterized by a variety of non-specific symptoms that vary from individual to individual, many believe it is related to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

Recently, the Globe investigated CFLs and “Dirty Electricity” stating that there is a link between CFLs and migraines.

 Watch Globe TV Video 

Here’s an excerpt from an Austrailian government report that refutes health claims tied to CFLs.

“While light sources with a detectable flicker can trigger migraines in susceptible individuals, CFLs ‘flicker’ at a rate well above that detectable by the human brain and so should not affect migraine sufferers,”

From what I’ve read, these reports remind me of the granite Radon scare recently in the news and on this blog.  Is this really the LED industry trying to get consumers over the high price objection with fear?  I’ll keep watching this and let you know if there are any updates.

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