Scroll Cabinet Pulls

Ancient Roman scrolls were the inspiration for this modern hardware bound in hand-stitched bridle leather.

These new Scroll pulls are offered in both square and barrel styles in a variety of leather colors ranging from Jazz Red to Yachting Blue.

The sizes range from approximately 4″ to 8″. You can also select the stitch to be exposed or hidden.

I like the exposed stitch. Which do you prefer?

Pink Hardware for a Cause

If you are headed to KBIS next week you’ll want to take a look at Berenson Hardware’s new pink finish in 5 new decorative hardware collections inspired by and named after courageous breast cancer survivors.

The mission of Berenson’s project is to  increase awareness of breast cancer and pay tribute to the memory and honor of those who have been affected by breast cancer.

A portion of the sales now through March 2013 will be donated to Komen for the Cure, with a promised minimum donation of $25,000.. You can read about each woman on Berenson’s site.

April 25th, 2012 – KBIS booth 3401 from 11:30AM – 1:00PM you can meet 4 of the survivors who inspired the collection and share in their stories of survival.

Inspired Designs Brochure






Would you use a Pink finish in one of your projects?

     Or to help the cause would you use the hardware in a more traditional finish?

          Do you think the finish looks as good/better/worse than the pictures in person ?

New Ways To Think About Deep Drawer Storage

Why are deep drawers always called “pots and pans” drawers? There are so many ways to use them. Many alternative storage solutions have been around for a while and probably originated as ADA solutions. Keep reading for inspiration for your next project.

New Ways To Think About Deep Drawer Storage using pegs

Storing Dishes or Crockery is a popular alternative.

New Ways To Think About Deep Drawer Storage using partitions

Glasses might rattle a bit but if upper storage is limited it’s a viable option.

New Ways To Think About Deep Drawer Storage using deep dividers

Baking sheets stored in drawers are easy to see – and remove.

New Ways To Think About Deep Drawer Storage for tray storage

Dividers in deep drawers are especially convenient for round serving trays.

New Ways To Think About Deep Drawer Storage for casserole storage

Do you hate the clatter of nesting casserole dishes?

New Ways To Think About Deep Drawer Storage for standing cutlery

Deep cutlery dividers are great if you have a lot of utensils.

New Ways To Think About Deep Drawer Storage with deep dividers for cutlery

Just be sure to keep the business end pointing down.

New Ways To Think About Deep Drawer Storage with deep dividers for cookie cutters

A little extra inspiration for the bakers amongst us.

I like drawer storage. They take less energy to open than doors with roll-outs behind them. I can instantly see what’s inside and I can also easily group like items.

Interior Design via Kinect

Unless you live on a remote desert island, you are aware of the impact Microsoft’s Kinect has had on gaming. What you may not be aware of its ability to be a 3-D scanner with third-party apps.

The new possibilities comes from the Microsoft Kinect Fusion research project. It’s called Fusion because the technology fuses 3D data on top of the room mapping and gesture-aware sensors in the $150 Kinect device.

Simple 3-D mapping could open possibilities for homeowners to scan their rooms and send them to Interior Designers to make virtual changes. The technology is already available on Window 8 and its realistic price makes the future of new apps very promising.


Microsoft is helping to encourage developers to create more apps by sponsoring a 13-week Kinect Accelerator program for young startups in partnership with Techstars this month.

While it may be a while before this hits the interior design community, engineers at companies like Toyota and Nissan are already using it to give consumers a virtual showroom and the ability to tour the inside of new concept cars.

Bloomingdale’s introduced special fitting rooms – called Pods –  that can scan your body in 5 seconds and recommend a pair of flattering jeans. The Bodymetrics Pod may soon be a common site in department stores and a home version is sure to revolutionize online shopping.

Who in our industry do you think will use it first? Will a large company like Masco use it as a virtual cabinet display at a Show like KBIS instead of setting up actual vignettes? Would Kohler use it to give you a tour of their new Elevance BubbleMassage rising wall bathtub so you could experience its controls without getting wet? Maybe it will be Miele with an inside look at how a dishwasher cleans with the ability to zoom in and see how the water jets clean away food particles? Or maybe it will be Hafele with an interactive automated lighting and opening system in a Kitchen vignette? I guess only time will tell.