Hot and Cold

In April 2013 you will be able to get the New GE Café™ French Door refrigerator that will be able to dispense both chilled and hot water.

A refrigerator that heats water is an industry first. GE offers a unique solution for homeowners who don’t have much cabinet space under the sink for a hot water dispenser.

The dispense is not an Instant Hot. You will have to wait a few minutes according to GE. Four pre-programmed options will be available from the door panel or you can select a custom temperature.

Since the dispenser opening is large enough to set a mug and walk away, I can see how this might appeal to a busy mom who wants to steep her tea while she’s getting her children off to school in the morning.

French Door Cafe Refrigerator | KitchAnn Style

Color Trends

Grey Tile Bathroom | KitchAnn Style
Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom?

Have you torn out a collection of magazine pages showing beautiful baths clad in white marble and white fixtures?

While white fixtures will remain timeless, the color choices for your walls are shifting towards darker grays.  (Gray = American while Grey = UK)

Grey Bathroom | KitchAnn Style

I prefer warm grays over cool grays. Although sometimes a cooler gray will look great with Carrara Marble.

Gray Bathroom | KitchAnn Style

Gray works in many different styles of homes. It’s perfect for a rustic modern or loft-style home, a traditional home with a modern feel or a contemporary home.

Grey Bathroom | KitchAnn Style

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Grey Tile Bathroom | KitchAnn Style

If decorating around a theme, gray is perfect for creating a Zen bathroom.

Grey Bathroom | KitchAnn Style

Grey Bathroom | KitchAnn Style

Consider if giving your bath a new look with a simple coat of gray paint. Light or dark, it will be anything but boring.  Adding accents of color with towels, flowers and soaps is an inexpensive way to quickly keep a room looking fresh.

Dark Grey Bathroom | KitchAnn Style

Light Grey Bathroom | KitchAnn Style

New Design Trend: Oak

Some of my great Blogging Friends are over in Germany attending the International Furniture Fair at IMM Cologne this week. (Jealous) One of the trends coming from the show is “naturalness.”

Light oaks in particular, as well as oak variants with an attractive grain in natural wood tones on clean door styles will be one of the strongest trends coming from the show. It doesn’t matter if the door is an actual wood veneer or a plastic door that mimics wood’s appearance.

Expect to see this look paired with white and matte stainless – except on the walls, they will be gray. More daring individuals may be inspired by the show to pair the wood with bright colors such as cobalt blue or saffron yellow.

xylo by Leicht via KitchAnn Style

Gnarled Oak Kitchen by Leicht

Brushed grains, staggered joints, cracks and knots also enhance the appeal of this trend. Some manufacturers are even applying oak shingles to cabinet fronts for visual interest.

The Home Entertainer’s Ultimate Refrigerator – Really?

samsung t9000 | KitchAnn styleAt the 2013 CES show Samsung decided to throw their hat in the ring with other manufacturers who have shown Refrigerators with touchscreens.

The 32 cu. ft. capacity Samsung T9000 LCD Four-Door Refrigerator represents the next evolution in refrigerator design, with a new form factor that delivers the most fresh food storage in its class according to Samsung.

The top compartment is a refrigerator with 19.4 cu. ft. capacity French Door compartment. The bottom left is a 6.1 cu. ft. freezer. The bottom right side can be either refrigerator or freezer depending on your personal needs.

The refrigerator also comes with apps to help families stay connected and organized. Whether you’d want your Calendar and Weather apps on your kitchen appliance is up to you. Samsung seems proud to offer Evernote integration. While I love the app, I can’t help but imagine all the smudges you’d have on the screen.

No pricing is available yet for the refrigerator  but the touchscreen-less model  out in the spring will be around $3,999.

Samsung t9000 \ KitchAnn Style