The Fast Collection

With the Wood-look ceramic trend on fire it’s not too surprising to see innovations from the installation side.

Del Conca Fast Collection | KitchAnn Style

In the quick-laying category, the Fast Collection from Italian manufacturer Del Conca, is a ceramic tile collection that can be put down quickly over any existing floor surface without the use of mortar or grout.

Del Conca Fast | KitchAnn Style

The tiles in this patented collection are snapped together and create a continuous surface without joints. This system can also be uninstalled and reused.

Del Conca Fast | KitchAnn Style

Three collections are available within the Fast Connect Line; Monte Napoleone Fast, Saloon Fast and Forma Fast. Monte Napoleone and Saloon offer plank tiles that look like wood. The Forma collection looks like cement planks.

Del Conca Fast | KitchAnn Style

This tile is marketed to the DIYer and is carried by Home Improvement Stores.

Del Conca will start manufacturing this tile in Loudon Tennessee in 2014 in their new 320,000-square foot facility. Currently 75% of Del Conca tile is exported to the US.

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas from Kitchen Studio of Naples

Christmas time makes us
grateful for our work this year
and optimistic about the year ahead.

Wishing you great happiness
in a spirit of health and hope.



What I’m Completely Obsessed With

Hello, Darling. Where have you been?

JB Schmetterling Pendant Light | KitchAnn style

I absolutely adore these whimsical lights from Ingo Maurer and want to share it with my readers.


The Johnny B. Butterfly and the J.B. Schmetterling (Schmetterling is German for butterfly) lamps feature realistic butterflies, moths, and dragonflies created by California artist Graham Owen.

The J.B. Schmetterling is the deluxe version of the smaller Johnny B. Butterfly. The larger J.B. Schmetterling (18.11″H x 12.59″DIA) is a limited edition fixture.  The pendant lamp has a white 3D-printed ring shade that shields a 70 watt halogen bulb. Eight, highly detailed, handmade insects are attached to the ring and seem to be attracted to the light.

 Johnny B. Butterfly lamp | KitchAnn Style

The smaller ​Johnny B. Butterfly sits a teflon ring with three insects. Both the light bulb and the teflon ring are the original  ​Johnny B. Good fixture from Ingo Maurer.

Artist Graham Owen with JB Schmetterling | KitchAnn Style

 The ​Johnny B. Butterfly retails for $3,600 and the J.B. Schmetterling retails for $7,000.00.

JB Dragonfly | KitchAnn Style

Also available in limited edition is the J.B, Dragonfly in red.