Kitchen Inspiration

Here’s a fabulous traditional kitchen with a modern feel that successfully mixes different materials from full slab stone backsplash and dual tone tile walls to pro-style range and rustic farm sink.

Kitchen inspiration from KitchAnn style

I think the styling went a little overboard and I’m not a huge fan of the knob placement. But, overall, I think this is a gorgeous kitchen. What do you think?

Grow at Home

Grow at Home
Spring is starting to creep into everyone’s minds and with that the thought of fresh herbs and vegetables. While it is possible to sow your seeds with snow on the ground, many areas of the country are still too frozen with the harsh arctic blast and ten named winter storms.

Growing herbs | KitchAnn Style

Some gardeners use a cold frame, which is a box-like structure with a clear glass or plastic top, to get their seedlings started. However, if you don’t have the space or find it a little too dirty, there is another option – the Urban Cultivator.

The Urban Cultivator Residential is a dishwasher-sized appliance with interior grow lights. Inside are racks that hold flats designed to contain one of three growing mediums — a Sure to Grow mat (, sterilized soil or landscape fabric. In these, users can grow 50-some greens — including beet-tops, baby broccoli, wheat grass, pea sprouts, radishes, mustard greens, lentils, nasturtiums — as well as any number of herbs.

Grow at Home Kitchen Cultivator | KitchAnn Style

The unit is not difficult to install and requires a water connection similar to a dishwasher. You can choose between different door screen options (clear, frost, half-tone and dark) and even add a custom panel to match your cabinetry.

Grow at Home Kitchen Cultivator | KitchAnn Style

The Urban Cultivator will allow you to grow fresh herbs 365 days a year and know that they are pesticide free and healthy for your family. The cost savings for growing your own micro-greens can be as high as 90% according to research.

Your Urban Cultivator can be operated between 55 and 90 degrees with a relative humidity between 30% to 60%. The automated system does all the work and provides measured water to and from each grow tray. If your unit is set up as a stand-alone unit, you will need to empty and refill the water reservoir once a week when the indicator light is on. Four humidity domes are also included with the unit to aid in starting seeds.

Grow at Home Kitchen Cultivator | KitchAnn Style

A larger commercial unit is also available for restaurants and cooking schools where larger supplies are demanded. Besides herbs, small vegetables such as cherry tomatoes can also be grown. Pricing starts at $2,200.

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LEDs and Carpet

LED integration into surfaces is growing by leaps and bounds and stands to add an exciting dimension to interior design. Let’s look at what is making news.

The Cell+LED Carpet from Lama Concept

It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years since this carpet made it’s debut at the Paris Airshow fitted into the isles of the Airbus A350. Since then it’s been used in various commercial applications and even in the Land Rover LRX Concept.

Lama Concept Cell | KitchAnn Style

The carpets and rugs are made from 100% wool felt strips that are formed around eye-like forms – like knots in wood. Some of these knots are replaced with LED lights and oriented with the direction of the strips. The carpets can be created to form a directional path with the LEDs, or the lights can just be placed randomly for a glittering array.

Lama Concept Cell | KitchAnn Style

Although this carpet might not work with every decor, it’s an innovate approach to flooring that opens the door to endless design possibilities.

Phillips and Desso

Two Dutch-based companies, Phillips Lighting and carpet maker Desso, recently announced a partnership to create light-transmitting carpet–smart flooring capable of displaying all kinds of information.

Desso LED  | KitchAnn Style

Desso envisions the new light emitting LED carpet as serving several purposes. One would be to quickly and intuitively guide people through buildings including to designated safety routes and exits. Another would be to add to the ambiance and atmosphere of public spaces. The carpet would add “lighting, design and color” as the joint statement from both companies explains.

For now, the partnership is limited to the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and the official product is slated for sometime in 2014.  Who knows, one day we may be able to turn an average living room into a disco lounge with the touch of our phones or tablets and use the same system with our fire alarms enabling it to send a signal to specifically light the best way out of our homes.

Wine Barrel Vanity

Premier Copper Products has introduced a new line of vanities made from recycled solid oak wine barrels and featuring recycled copper sinks.

The new vanities are repurposed from Napa Valley barrels and air-dried in the Arizona climate for two and a half years before being dismantled and rebuilt into furniture by Arizona designer and craftsman John Koering.

The barrels measure 28 ins. wide, 34.5 ins. tall and feature an 18-in.-by-13-in. door (the original bung hole is repurposed for a door opening). Each unit also comes with a pre-installed 17-in. oval hand-hammered copper sink and drain.

The vanities are available in three non-VOC finishes and are priced at $2,398 (for vanity and sink only) and $2,726 (for vanity, sink and faucet package).

Wine Barrel Vanity Sink | KitchAnn Style

I love this image I stumbled across on the internet. The stone ledge is a great way to add more surface area for items like soap and finger towels. This is the perfect vessel for letting your imagination run wild.

Wine Barrel Sink Ledge | KitchAnn Style

Premier Copper Products is a Phoenix, Arizona-based importer and designer of handmade copper products from a plant they control in Mexico.