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Bocci 38 | Kitchen Studio of Naples
If you’ve ever been told you needed live plants in your home but just felt like you didn’t have the space, this may be the solution you need.

Babylon suspended light | Kitchen Studio of Naples

Designed by Toronto-based multidisciplinary design studio O/I (Object Interface Inc.), Babylon is a plantable light fixture inspired by the legends of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The suspended light is made of powder coated aluminum with a removable ABS plastic liner. You can choose between the single light or a three light cluster. Pricing starts around $500.00

3 Babylon suspended light | Kitchen Studio of Naples

If you prefer a more enclosed option – especially if hanging over your kitchen table – this next light from Greenworks may be what you need. Also called Babylon, this light designed by Alexis Tricoire is a suspended terrarium of sorts.

Babylon Greenworks | Kitchen Studio of Naples

The suspended light fixture is about 19.5″ wide with 5 openings for stems to grow through.  The bottom of the globe is covered with pumice that contains minerals and micro nutrients that feed the plants. Due to the high water holding capacity of the pumice, plants need watering and maintenance only every third week.

Green Light Babylon Greenworks | Kitchen Studio of Naples

I love this photo with the orchids. I will admit I’m not the best when it comes to keeping orchids but If I had this fixture, I’d try to improve my skills.

The last option I found for Green Lights is from the Bocci 38 Collection. This collection is an extension of the 28 series by Omer Arbel that features a series of distorted spheres filled with cavities that double as planters.

Green Light Bocci 38 succulent | Kitchen Studio of Naples

“This chandelier object, in production, uses a technique Mr. Arbel had previously used to create 28.  It takes an hour for three people to make one; 10% to 15% of them break in the process, says Mr. Arbel. This piece, 38, has cavities deep enough to contain earth and succulent and cacti plantings.”

Within the spheres there are 4-6 cavities, 2 or 3 of which house either a 10 watt xenon or a 1.5 watt LED light source. Electricity and suspension are achieved with stiff copper tubing, which is allowed to tangle and skew, seemingly without regard for gravity.

Green Light Bocci 38 | Kitchen Studio of Naples

Due to the hand crafted nature of the 38 series, the pendant size as well as the number and location of interior satellites, pendant diameter, and sometimes shape may vary.

Based in Vancouver with a satellite company in Berlin, Bocci is a contemporary design and manufacturing house that  follows sustainable practices. Bocci’s 38 Collection is made from recycled glass, lit by energy-efficient LED lights, and shipped in recyclable packaging.


Who says scrap is useless? Slate-ish  is a tile product made in the US from 100% post industrial waste reclaimed from the fabrication of  paper-laminate products which are normally used for countertops (Richlite and PaperStone), skateboard ramps, bathroom partitions, lockers and more.

Slate-ish Strips | KitchAnn Style

The scraps are cut into various geometric shapes, and hand-split to create a tile that looks like slate. Six shapes are available from Slate-ish: Hex, Tri, Square, Para, Stud and Strip. The tiles are sold loose or as custom mounted panels. Tile depths vary from 1/8″-1/4″ and weigh 7-1.2 pounds per square foot.

Slate-ish Square| KitchAnn Style

Four colors are available: Soot, Bark, Chocolate and Earth. The color of the tile will vary slightly from piece to piece, and from batch to batch. Soot is considered the most consistent color, but mixing tiles during installation for a more uniform look is recommended.

The tiles can be sealed to protect and deepen the color, but it is not required.

 Slate-ish Para| KitchAnn Style

Slate-ish, which resembles stone tile, is appropriate for interior use and weighs a fraction of the weight of natural stone, making it ideal for unique installations. – such as feature walls, fireplace surrounds and even ceilings. While most choose to install Slate-ish in a dry-stack method, you can opt to install it with space and grout like standard ceramic tile.

Slate-ish | KitchAnn Style

Slate-ish tiles are impact resistant and at least 6 times stronger than natural stone. Slate-ish is non-porous and available with Class A fire rating. The tiles start at $20 per square foot.

Slate-ish Hex| KitchAnn Style

Slate-ish has been busy sourcing new materials to add to their line. Look for new offering such as large format tiles in the near future.

100% Wood Collection

Could you imagine a Kitchen Island made from a single tree? How about solid chestnut, and no filler wood?

This unique kitchen concept is offered by Effeti Cucine Uniche and Effeti USA. Handcrafted by master artisans in the Florentine headquartered plant, this bespoke kitchen is all about luxury.

100% Wood | Kitchen Studio of Naples

Only a limited number of  autographed models are made by hand each year from the solid chestnut wood. Traditional and timeless, yet cutting edge and functional, the 100% Wood series showcases Effeti’s  passion for perfection.


The 100% Wood Collection is the design of Giancarlo Vegni, who has partnered with Effeti since the 1970s. This bespoke kitchen focuses on organic beauty: “Each carefully selected piece is seasoned and weathered before undergoing the multiple steps of production.”

100% Wood | Kitchen Studio of Naples

100% Wood was recently displayed this past March at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. Pricing starts around $125,000.

100% Wood | Kitchen Studio of Naples

The 100% Wood island comes with a grey glass induction cooktop by Gaggenau.

100% Wood | Kitchen Studio of Naples

About Effeti

For more than four decades, Effeti has been inspired by the curiosity to explore and interpret new lifestyles—the changes in taste and customs that affect the needs people have and the way they live.

The Tuscan brand’s vocation is to think of whatever doesn’t exist, explore new routes, and accept new challenges in the visionary worlds of research and creativity. It then applies experience, technological knowhow, quality without compromise, and the care and passion that have always characterized Effeti’s mission.

In 2012, Effeti launched a U.S. flagship location in New York City—Effeti USA



2014 Tile Trends

Tile Trends 2014 Subway | KitchAnn Style

What’s going to be hot this year in tile? It seems many trends from 2013 will continue to reign supreme. The palette is mostly neutral – nuanced and sophisticated; balanced equally between warm and cool tones with a heavy emphasis on grays and muted tones.


Tile Trends 2014 Subway | KitchAnn Style

The Beveled subway tile and 3D tile adds dimension, depth and interest to a basic geometric shape. Look for large tiles scored to look like smaller tiles.

Tile Trends 2014 Subway | KitchAnn Style


Patterned tiles continue to be popular in 2014, such as the classic encaustic tiles from 2013. The vintage look is still the effect you should be striving for in your home, and ceramic tiles which imitate original encaustic tiles are excellent for creating this look.

Tile Trends 2014 Encaustic | KitchAnn Style

2014’s encaustic wall and floor tiles have gone a little bit Boho: a slightly softer look which was popular in Europe between the two wars. Try to recreate this style with ever-so slightly faded ceramic tiles in complementing shades.

Tile Trends 2014 Encaustic | KitchAnn Style

Create an eclectic feel by going for a mismatch effect. Apply tiles to walls for a fresh feel and to accentuate a room.

Tile Trends 2014 Encaustic | KitchAnn Style


Geometric shapes such as hexagons and fashion inspired Victorian reliefs or herringbone patterns offer a fresh vantage point – outside the rectangular or square box.

Tile Trends 2014 Geometric | KitchAnn Style

Many tiles have a vintage hand-craft feel to them. This trend also works well mixed with others for a fusion style.

Tile Trends 2014 Geometric | KitchAnn Style

Gloss & Glitz

Highly polished tiles that look like stone are starting to be replaced by the tiles that look like polished wood.

Tile Trends 2014 Geometric Wood | KitchAnn Style

This trends lends itself well to being combined with the geometric trend – especially with a herringbone pattern.

2014 Glossy Wood | KitchAnn Style

Stone Effect

Rather than mimicking one stone the latest collections will have elements of several different types of stones and marbles and toned them to the same neutral color palette. This creates a unique stone look that can only be created with the latest inkjet-decorated ceramics.

Tile Trends 2014 Stone Effect| KitchAnn Style

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