New Ravenna Parterre Collection

New Ravenna has released the Parterre Collection designed by Sara Baldwin and Paul Schatz. The 18 designs in this collection are hand crafted in natural stone, Serenity glass, shell, ceramic, and aluminum and are available in different material combinations.New Ravenna Paterre Collection | KitchAnn Style

The parterre gardens were beloved for their charm and symmetrical grace. Each one became an oasis of tranquility and scented beauty. While designing this collection, Paul and I combined materials to replicate the organic texture of the gardens which were a medley of earth, foliage, masonry and pebbles. – Sarah Baldwin

New Ravenna Paterre Collection | KitchAnn Style

Every mosaic in the Parterre Collection is hand crafted by artisans on the Eastern Shore and customized to fit each installation. The mosaics can be installed on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, indoors and out.

New Ravenna Paterre Collection | KitchAnn StyleThis hand-cut mosaic of honed Horizon Dark and Cashmere is an instant classic. The soothing neutral tones would complement almost any room in your home.

New Ravenna Paterre Collection | KitchAnn Style

The geometric shapes of Almerita is the perfect blend of  masculinity and femininity. The honed Thassos is set off by the polished Saint Laurent pieces.


Founded in 1991 by Sara Baldwin, New Ravenna is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of stone and glass mosaics in North America.



Meet June

Meet June, the first oven with artificial intelligence.

June is a countertop oven, which looks like a more sophisticated version of your standard toaster, with a 5-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi, a quad-core Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, a high-definition camera that’s protected behind insulated glass and a single stainless control dial that’s its only real physical button. The feet of the June oven are scales that weigh whatever’s inside the oven (or on top of it).

Intelligent Oven Technology | KitchAnn Style

Using smart technology, June identifies the type of food, weight and internal temperature, and then recommends the time and cooking temp suitable for your meal. All you have to do is select “OK.”

“This is going to go down in history as the first kitchen appliance which was artificially intelligent,” –Nikhil Bhogal, June co-founder

June Intelligent Oven Interior | KitchAnn Style

This tiny oven boasts 1,800 Watts of power and a roomy 1.0 cu. foot interior thanks to the control panel built into the insulated glass door.

June can cook a 12.5″ pizza or a small turkey with the carbon-fiber heating elements working with convection fans and a temperature probe.

The Connected Kitchen

It seems all new ovens these days have an app for your iPhone (sorry, android users) and June is no different.  June’s co-founder and CTO, Nikhil Bhogal is a former Apple Engineer. Other members of the June team have worked on the iPhone, the Apple Watch, GoPro cameras and Fitbit fitness trackers.

Nikhil Bhogal and Matt Van Horn, co-founder and CEO, are on the cutting edge of optical recognition technology. The June oven can currently recognize 15 foods by distinguishable micro-textures. While June can recognize the different between a pork chop and steak by recognizing fat patterns, it cannot yet identify different cuts of meat.

June Intelligent Oven Technology | KitchAnn Style

Coming Next Spring

The June team feels this new oven is a good fit with about 80% of the market that does not want to use a 5.0 cu. foot oven for a small meal or half a dozen cookies; however, the $1,495 price tag means it’s not for everyone.

Your June can be reserved with a $95 deposit. The company says the oven will cost $2,995 next year once it is widely available.

That being said, there’s the question of making an expensive appliance investment in an unknown company. Warranty information has not been released yet and if the June has a problem who do you call to fix it?

Even though June is a countertop appliances, it is a powerful 45 pound one and many homeowners may find they will need a dedicated 20 amp circuit to plug the June into.

I think a smart oven has to be treated like any other internet connected device and consumers need to know if patches and software updates will be available after they purchase their model. I’d hate to purchase a $3,000 oven and find out it can’t communicate with the newest iPhone.

Methven Aio

Following the successful launch of its stunning Aio shower range, Methven, a global designer and manufacturer of premium bath fixtures, has extended the collection with the addition of complementary vanity faucets that will be on display this month at 100% Design during the London Design Festival.

Sleek Hand-Held Shower | KitchAnn Style

A triumph of imagination, the Methven Aio Aurajet shower defies convention with its intriguing minimalist appearance and exclusively engineered Aurajet technology.

Our engineers designed the new halo-shaped shower head so that hidden nozzles generate individual jets of water that collide against precisely angled surfaces, creating a stunning fan of luxuriously dense droplets,” – Methven Group CEO, David Banfield.

Pantone Showerhead | KitchAnn Style

Methven teamed up with Pantone to incorporate limited edition shower heads in stylish colors. Methven promises to update the colors each year. The current offering includes Marsala, Pantone’s color of the year for 2015; Classic Blue and Midnight.

Sleek Aio Facuet | KitchAnn Style

The new faucet range is manufactured from Eco Brass® – a revolutionary high quality, high strength material which is lead and heavy metal free, providing enhanced corrosion resistance and therefore preserves water quality.

The Aio basin faucet is characterized by sophisticated simplicity, with an integrated lever and body design. The faucet mixer features a directional aerator, which streamlines the water flow and minimizes splash back.

The Aio collection also includes a wall-mounted tub spout.


If you can’t jet to London this month but want to follow coverage of the show, check for updates on Twitter and Facebook from the Modenus BlogTour. #BlogTourLDN

Beautiful White Inspiration (Even After Labor Day!)

White Design Inspirtation | KitchAnn Style
The summertime wrap-up of Labor Day weekend usually means saying goodbye to White.

In color psychology White is the color of new beginnings, wiping the slate clean, so to speak. It is the blank canvas waiting to be written upon.

White is often considered a timeless color in Kitchen and Bath design. Since many homeowners remodel every 20 years, timeless design is very important and sensible. Continue readingBeautiful White Inspiration (Even After Labor Day!)