Coming Soon: Cove Dishwasher

It seems like everything is bundled these days—from cell phone plans to home and auto insurance, the most cost effective way to spend is buying in multiples. Right?

As many know, over the past 19 years Sub-Zero has grown it’s Wolf brand to cover virtually every type of cooking appliance on the market. But there has always been one glaring absence from the line-up: a dishwasher.

Sub-Zero Cove Dishwasher

Sub-Zero / Wolf had made up for this by taking on Asko distribution for the entire United States. In 2018 , Sub-Zero introduced Cove dishwashing at the Architectural Digest show – “the culmination of decades of research, testing, and technology to ensure sparkling clean and dry dishes with every near-silent wash. “

The launch has been delayed repeatedly. This project was actually started over 10 years ago but was put on hold when the recession hit. Finally, after much anticipation, it appears the Cove dishwasher will be available April 2019 for $2,099 and $2,199 MSRP

Sub-Zero Cove Dishwasher

Features that Set Cove Dishwasher Apart

Flexible Loading

Adjustable racks and tines can accommodate uniquely shaped dishes and dishware configurations. Green connectors indicate which parts are adjustable.

Cleaning Power

With three spray arms and 43 jets, Cove offers more than 200 wash cycles. I can’t imagine you will ever need to use them all – but they will be available.

Best Warranty

Cove dishwashers will be offered with a best-in-class warranty out the box – 5 years. If the dishwasher is installed by a factory-certified installer, the warranty is stretched to 6 years.

Cove by Sub-Zero

The features you’d expect to see in a luxury dishwasher are also included – panel ready, hidden controls, interior LED lighting, near silent operation, top silverware rack, and smart-phone integration.

I haven’t tested to Cove so I can’t confirm if it has the best drying power compared to others like Thermador who offer an “Extra Dry” feature or Miele’s “AutoOpen Drying.”

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