Dacor Discover IQ Dual Fuel Range

Ever since Android was released, there have been attempts to build it into appliances. None of these products have kicked off the era of smart appliances we’ve all been dreaming about, but Dacor is back at CES this year with yet another Android-powered appliance in its Discovery iQ series.

Dacor Discovery iQ 48-inch Dual Fuel Range | KitchAnn Style

The 48″ range comes  with a 7″ Android powered tablet built into the control panel complete with the ability to run apps. The Wi-Fi connected range comes with Dacor’s iQ Cooking App which provides the user “with tools they require for precision cooking.” It allows home chefs to control the range with their tablet or smartphone to do such things as conveniently preheat the oven, change a cooking setting or receive a text message when the meal is complete.

“The new range combines the cooking precision our customers have enjoyed for nearly 50 years with a first-of-its-kind Dacor Cooking App and iQ Controller, providing a convenient, connected cooking experience.”


The Dacor Discovery iQ range does has  built-in safety features. For instance, whenever someone is using the range via the built-in tablet, all users connected from other rooms will be kicked off the controls. The oven also cannot exceed a certain temperature when controlled from the app. The top burners also can’t be controlled via the mobile app.

DacorDiscovery iQ Range | KitchAnn Style

 The Discovery iQ 48″ Dual-Fuel Range is priced at $11,999 MSRP and will be available nationwide in June 2014. A 36″ range is supposed to be released next for $4,299.

Let’s hope that the specs on the tablet are updated from Android 4.0.3,  512MB of RAM and 1GHz Exynos processor.

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