Discalsa Silke Tech

Many people like the experience of cooking and eating together. That’s why teppanyaki grills and fondue pots are popular. If you enjoyed my earlier post about social cooking featuring a table concept shown at IMM Cologne then this latest find will surely not be disappointing.

Silke Table | KitchAnn Style

Discalsa, a Spanish furniture maker, has taken their popular table line a step further by adding cooking technology.

The Silke Tech is their Silke table with an induction cooktop incorporated under it’s marble-like ceramic top. Discalsa recently showed this great innovation at IMM Cologne and Espacio Cocina SICI (Kitchen Space SICI) in Valencia.

Silke Tech Table | KitchAnn Style

The Silke oval table comes in two widths (100 and 120) and up to 6 different lengths (160, 180, 200, 220, 240, 250). The oak support or apron is supported by epoxy coated metal legs. The 11 cm top is available in 21 different finishes.

Silke Tech Table | KitchAnn Style

This picture from Discalsa’s exhibit shows how the induction controls are “sculpted” into the table.

Laser markings indicate where the pots will go on the table but I can’t find any information about the TPB TECH induction hob configuration at this time.

TPB Tech is manufactured by TPB TOP PORZELANIK BARCELONA for Discalsa. TPB Top is a pioneer in the induction cooking worktop market with the first countertop you can cook on.

TPB Top | KitchAnn Style

Just like an induction cooktop, the ceramic surface of a TPB Tech top remains cool to the touch until the point where a pot is hot enough to radiate heat back to the surface. This is a great advantage for home with small kitchens. A parent could cold and watch her child do homework on the same table.

The advantage of the Silke Tech is that it enables people to entertain in a more intimate setting. The Silke Tech table works in non-residential settings such as a vineyard where a vintner could showcase a food and wine pairing in a more luxurious setting without portable burners cluttering up the table top.


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