For Wine Lovers

LG Signature is offering a new product release that promises to revolutionize wine storage.  Part cellar, part wine fridge, the state-of-the-art appliance from the South Korean electronics company will hold up to 65 bottles in a sleek steel-finished free-standing appliance.

As you’d expect from a luxury wine cooler, LG offers Multi-Temperature Control, which sets ideal storage conditions based upon the specific types of wine you’re holding on each shelf.

For Wine Lovers | L Signature Wine

New innovative technology includes the Knock-on feature we’re familiar with from LG refrigerators. The dark glass is a benefit because it protects the wine from harmful sunlight and temperature fluctuations.

Using a simple swipe gesture with your foot or your voice, you can command your LG wine cooler to open the door – great for when you have two bottles you want to chill.

Another new feature called Automatic-lift which controls automatic elevation of shelves to see and easily access your collection.

For Wine Lovers | L Signature Wine

The two sections below the wine section can be used as a freezer or refrigerator depending on if you want to keep something like ice or cheese inside. And Wi-Fi and voice recognition mean you can ask how much wine there is from wherever your LG speaker sits, so you always have enough stock on hand.

For Wine Lovers | LG Signature Wine

Just like the refrigerator, the drawers at the bottom can lift up automatically when you need to access it, so you can store and grab your bottles without bending over.

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LG has yet to officially announce the retail price of its newest appliance, but high-tech refrigerators from the Signature line brush up against $7,000.

Rumors from this past IFA 2018 hint that LG Signature is working on built-in 70 or 109 bottle capacity towers with integrated fronts. Stay posted for these updates as I get them.


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