Modular Transitional Cooktops

The great advantage of  à la carte  modular cooking systems is that you can customize your cooktop to what suits you best.

Fortunately for those in the market for a new or upgraded cooking system, Wolf has introduced new transitional frames from sleek stainless for their modular cooktops.

modular and 24" cooktop are perfect together

New transitional frames allow you to mix and match the 15″ modular units with other 15″ units or full-size cooktops.

“We monitor a variety of trends across industries and one thing we are seeing more of are people looking for ways to express their individuality through customized design.” —Jeannine Washkuhn, product marketing manager for Wolf

Modular cooking with downdraft

I like being able to  offer my clients the ability to tailor their cooktop to their needs, regardless of their kitchen size.

Imagine pairing the new 24″ transitional induction cooktop with the steamer module or the teppanyaki griddle!

Teppanyaki-style cooking is perfect for social gatherings and
works well outside. See my discussion of this and
more outdoor kitchen design tips here.


Before and After cooktop comparison

Before and After comparison shows the sleek stainless profile.

There’s also been a  redesign of the optional filler strip accessory  It is available in two versions – one for use with downdraft, one for use without.

Pricing for the 8 modules ranges from $1,100 – $2,395.

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