Ipod Washing Machine

Yes, you read correctly.  The electronics company LG has filed a patent for a washing machine with a built-in dock for either an iPod or a Zune.  Perhaps they figure if cars can have docking stations then why can’t washers?  Let’s hope this one doesn’t go to market.lg-washing-machine-with-mp3-player.jpg

Corian Turns 40

Dupont, the manufacturer of Corian, has marked the composite material’s 40th birthday by commissioning 40 multinational designers to create an original, functional ‘objet d’art’ for the table or desktop that reflects their imaginative vision and demonstrates the endless possibilities of Corian.




Below is an exerpt from the Dupont press release:

Corian®: 40 Years – 40 Designers” demonstrates – in microcosm – the virtually limitless possibilities of Corian® in both practical and aesthetic terms. The material has the ability to be almost anything… playful… businesslike… soothing… glamorous… ethereal…and at the same time, a simplicity and sensuousness that give it universal appeal. A truly multi-cultural material, Corian® is used in numerous different environments, in many countries across the world, which is reflected in the international nature of the 40 designers and in the diversity of the exhibited pieces. While objects had to have a specific function, they range from practical stacking trays to elegant centrepieces to quirky desk accessories such as puzzles and “worry stones”.

Understanding Compact Flourescent Bulbs

bulb.jpgI came across a blog written by Peggy Deras, CKD, CID about choosing a compact flourescent bulb that will cast flattering light.  This is referred to as CRI or color rendering index.

You can read her article here Kitchen-exchange: CRI: The Road to True-Color Light Bulbs

Did you know that not all CFLs can be used with a dimmer and that some can not be used in an enclosed lamp?  Peggy links to a wonderful page on the Enviromental Defense website that finds the right bulb for your needs.  This is definitely a page to bookmark.

One last note, CFLs contain mercury (about 5 milligrams) and should not be thrown into your household garbage. To find out what to do first check the Earth 911 website (where you can find disposal options by using your zip code for everything from paint to televisions) or call 1-877-EARTH911 for local disposal options.

If you live near an IKEA, you are in luck, they offer CFL recycling bins in stores across the world. In their fiscal 2006 year, IKEA recycled 156,301 pounds of CFLs.

The Digital Kitchen

Last month the Internet Alliance Home Research Council announced the results of a study citing which technology innovations homeowners want most to add in the future .

A survey of 602 homeowners revealed that the kitchen functions as the nerve center of the house, with most families doing much more than just cooking and eating there.  Popular activities in the kitchen include doing homework, paying bills, planning schedules, entertaining friends, talking on the phone and leaving messages for family members.

It’s not surprising that the primary kitchen user is also the person in charge of  keeping the schedules.  Which is why a digital calender is the most requested item.  Respondents stated they want a large screen calendar that allows users to add appointments or post notes that anyone can see from either the kitchen or the internet.

The next most requested item is a recipe projection system.  Consumers reported wanting a wireless recipe projection system that would allow them to look up a recipe on-line and then have the recipe projected onto a surface in the kitchen from a small cabinet-mounted device keeping countertops clutter free.

Homeowners did not show much interst in refrigerators or pantries that scan barcodes; instead they cited wanting a control hub in the kitchen.  From there they want to be able to monitor and adjust the household systems.  Specifically, they requested a screen where they can view the temperature inside and outside of their home, adjust the thermostat on a touch pad and view live video of both the front and back of their house.

Other requested items included wireless internet access and charging stations for charging 3 phones or PDAs at the same time regardless of brand.