What I’m Completely Obsessed With

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Italian bathroom faucet company Tender Rain has an beautiful series of shower head design called the Calices.

Designed by Luca Scacchetti, Calices boasts a medieval wine cup silhouette, with each of the shower heads taking on a different shape, while being suspended from a sleek and sinewy tube.

Calices Shower Head | KitchAnn StyleThe range is offered in 3 configurations of water and light, water only and light only and is available in metal finishes or matte white.

Calices Shower Head and Lights | KitchAnn StyleThese were originally introduced in 2010 but with the popularity of Tom Dixon Pendant lights I can these being popular choices for wet areas.

Calices Shower Head and Lights | KitchAnn Style

The shower heads can be installed individually or grouped together to make a statement.

Calices Shower Head | KitchAnn Style

The copper may be my favorite finish. How would you use these fixtures?



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