Around the Web {February 2018}

When I’m not designing or thinking about my next post, I enjoy creative content from other bloggers. Here are some favorites and an little Link Love from this month.

Amercan Baggage

I’ve talked here on KitchAnn Style about how an addiction to searching for new items and ideas and having too many decisions can lead to problems. Cinemographer Jamie Beck shares a personal story about her thoughts, feelings and experience with food as it relates to France and the United States after gaining weight on my recent journey home. Check it out here.

“I actually snapped at a guy and I know it had to do with my irritation with the food inside me making me feel sick.”

Around the Web | February 2018

Feng Shui

Taking care of the space we occupy the most, our homes, is vital to our well-being, and spring is the absolute best season to tackle this cleansing. Feng Shui is perfect for this because it harmonizes your energy with that of your home, aligning your environment with who you are and where you want to go. Grace Beuley Hunt writes an excellent article for PureWow outlining a beginners guide to Feng Shui with the 15 Feng Shui principles that every home should follow. Read it Here.

“Stoves are money makers in Feng Shui: They bring good fortune and attract abundance.”

Around the Web | February 2018

Relate: Feng Shui is the Child of Vasstu Shastra

Reality Television – Netflix

W Magazine has a terrific feature on the Netflix reboot of the Bravo cult favorite Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.  The new Queer Eye dismantles toxic masculinity by preaching strategies of self-acceptance they had to learn the hard way.

I’ve meet Bobby Berk, the interior designer of the group, on past Blogging events. – and he is terrific! Check out this article to meet the whole Fab Five crew.

“The reboot’s feel-good, heartwarming message is not lost on its audience—it’s a thoughtful and surprisingly nuanced study of self-understanding and building confidence.”

Around the Web | February 2018

Pet Portraits

Naples, FL Author and Blogger Kelle Hampton shares a tutorial on how to create Pooch Portraits. These are so adorable the whole family will want to get involved. Check it out here.

” I think a whole gallery wall of these over a bar cart in a dining area or in a fun colorful bathroom would be hilarious.”

Around the Web | February 2018


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