Children’s Bed Cupboard

Most of my whole house projects involve some sort of built-in.  They can be anywhere from dining rooms to hallways.  But, I have yet to be asked to design a child’s bed.

These images from the Netherlands based Kid’s Factory are so much fun.  I always wanted a sleeping compartment as a child and I would have pestered my parents to no end if I thought I could get one as cool as these.

Built-in Cupboard Child's Bed

Built-in Cupboard Child's Bed | KitchAnn style  Built-in Cupboard Child's Bed | KitchAnn style  Built-in Cupboard Child's Bed | KitchAnn style

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  1. These children’s beds are terrific. I’ve never seen anything like them before, besides Harry Potter sleeping in the cupboard under the stairs. I’m sure my 1 yr old would enjoy having something like this when he is old enough to have his own bed. I will definitely keep these in mind when he gets to that point.

  2. Hi there. I have been collecting photos of beds like these for ages, and would LOVE to build one into the eaves alcove in my 6-year old daughter’s bedroom. I have no idea where to start really though, and I am struggling to find a joiner or carpenter who would be able to design one. Any suggestions? Does anyone do a step by step “how to” on building a cupboard bed?!
    Suzie Douglas

  3. Thanks Ann, I will have a look. I notice that most of my photos come from either the US or Scandinavia. I think maybe this type of bed is more common there than here in the UK. I will keep looking for a creative joiner who might take on the task!

    Best regards

  4. Ann, These are some pretty cool looking childrens bedrooms. I actually work for a company who sell Childrens Beds and have never seen anything like this before, so good find.

    My one question would be how much would something like this cost as in this day and age everyone is looking at prices.

    But great find anyway and hopefully we can bring this to the UK.



    1. Julia,

      Any item that is mass produced will be less than a one-off design. I find that when my clients – usually Grandparents, are designing a special piece their aim is the experience and joy everyone shares in the space.

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