Salinas Kitchen Collection by Boffi

Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola, in her first collaboration with Boffi,  has created a contemporary modular kitchen collection called Salinas.

Boffi launched this collection in the UK and showed its latest products for the bathroom and storage systems at its Chelsea showroom during this year’s London Design Festival.

Modular Salinas Kitchen from Boffi | KitchAnn Style

The collection was named for the seaside Spanish town where Urquiola’s grandfather kept a house on the water.

The Salinas kitchen is a non-traditional modular system in matt black metal, featuring open shelving and specialized kitchen accessories. Based on the idea of a ‘hidden machine’, the design introduces an integrated trench that discreetly stores the mechanical parts of the kitchen such as electrical and plumbing, while providing extra storage space.

Modular Salinas Kitchen from Boffi | KitchAnn Style

With a particular focus on sustainability, Patricia Urquiola collaborated with Boffi’s R&D team to find a wide array of unique finishes for both countertops and doors. As a result, the kitchen offers metals; zinc, brass, copper and aluminum finishes, industrial glass, lacquers and textured concretes, allowing an almost endless combination of finishes.

Modular Salinas Kitchen from Boffi | KitchAnn Style

“I wanted to approach the kitchen with a playful attitude. Everyone uses it in a different way.”

Modular Salinas Kitchen from Boffi | KitchAnn Style

In an effort to keep things green, Urquiola used only eco-sustainable materials. Doors can be sheathed in recyclable PaperStone. LED lights are incorporated into shelving.

Herb planters integrated into the design have drains connected to the sink.

Modular Salinas Kitchen from Boffi | KitchAnn Style

The Salinas kitchen is the winner of both the 2015 EDIDA and Wallpaper* Design awards for Best Kitchen, launches in the UK market.

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