Nostalgic Neutrals Drive PPG 2021 Palette of the Year

PPG 2021 Palette of the Year
In an era where normal isn’t normal any longer, it’s not all too shocking that a top paint brand would switch up their Color of the Year announcement to a 2021 Palette of the Year.

The ‘Be Well‘ palette is intended for the consumer who wants to fully embrace mindfulness and intention, showcasing natural hues that are restorative, compassionate and optimistic. Emulating both the optimism felt in nature and soothing nostalgia, the PPG 2021 Palette of the Year  consists of hues TranscendBig Cypress and Misty Aqua. Continue readingNostalgic Neutrals Drive PPG 2021 Palette of the Year

Signature Hardware Recalls Medicine Cabinets Due to Injury Hazard

Signature Hardware Recalls 36" Medicine Cabinets
While many Americans are suffering through a historic economic crisis, those who have not taken a financial hit are focused on ways to make an extended period of isolation more comfortable. For some this involved full remodels of their kitchen or home office; for others, the projects were more more DIY in nature. Continue readingSignature Hardware Recalls Medicine Cabinets Due to Injury Hazard

Style Guide: Eclectic

Style Guide: Eclectic Design | kitchen with different textures

“ec·lec·tic – deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.”

The English word eclectic first appeared in the seventeenth century to describe philosophers who did not belong to a particular school of thought, but instead assembled their doctrines by picking and choosing from a variety of philosophical systems. Today, the word can refer to any assemblage of varied parts. Continue readingStyle Guide: Eclectic