6 Alternatives To Calacatta Marble

Today's marble alternatives have the veins, blooms and fine variations that would be expected in natural stone
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If you’re shopping around for surfacing material, you probably already know that few things say elegance like marble.

In the world of white marble there are many variances – some tend towards gray while others are a bit more creamy or granular. Those in the most pure form are without a doubt the hardest to procure and therefore the most expensive.  Continue reading6 Alternatives To Calacatta Marble

Cambira App brings Augmented Reality to Your Kitchen

Interactive Kitchen Tools
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Not too long ago we kept hearing about how Virtual Reality (VR) Apps were going to change the world. But barring a few notable exceptions, for instance Uber and Snapchat, the majority were failures.

Now with with tools like Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore, new Augmented Reality (AR) apps are more likely to attract consumers who only need their phone to use them instead of add on devices. Continue readingCambira App brings Augmented Reality to Your Kitchen

Kitchen Study Highlights 5 Future Trends

Kitchen of the Future | KitchAnn style
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The Cosentino Group, working with industry experts, have published their 2017 Global Kitchen Study which predicts the characteristics of the kitchen of the future.

The annual study took information from interviews with 17 kitchen and food experts and a survey of 842 kitchen and bath retailers from Australia, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Here are the five main findings. Continue readingKitchen Study Highlights 5 Future Trends