GE High Efficiency Incandescent Lamp

incan.jpgEdison’s invention may stay around a little longer now that GE has begun work on creating a high efficiency incandescent light bulb that will be as energy efficient as a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and deliver high-quality light output.

Over the last four years GE has invested over $200 million in the development of their high efficiency incandescent (HEI).  GE has set a target for these new lamps at initial production to be nearly twice as efficient as current incandescents and deliver 30 Lumens per watt.  Their later goal is for the HEI bulb to be four times as efficient and comparable to CFL bulbs.

In addition to desirable light quality, GE says the new HEI lamp will have instant-on convenience and be priced less than current CFLs.  Don’t worry about waiting for the CFLs you just bought to burn out; these new HEI lamps won’t be on the market until 2010.

Round Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass tiles are very popular in the kitchen and the bathroom; but glass tiles that are round or varied in shape are the hottest trend right now.

These little gems from Interstyle Ceramic & Glass are made from recycled glass and come in a variety of sheet sizes such as 3×12 and 6×6.  I love how these modern tiles create a splash of visual texture and give a natural feel to a material that is often considered hard and cold.

Check out some of the fun colors available here.

These next tiles from Stone Source, also shown in green, are called Bubbles Blend MDS.  You can choose from 59 colors in either a clear or a satin finish.

Another great characteristic of varied-sized mosaic tile is that they tend to catch the eye more than the typical square mosaic tile that can easily start to blend together and appear as a big field of color.

Bamboo Veneer Cabinets

I am very pleased to announce my favorate cabinet manufacturer, Miralis, is now offering bamboo as part of their Exotic Veneer Series adding 2 more choices to an impressive offering of  African Mahogany, Anigre, English Sycamore, and Zebra wood to name a few.   

Bamboo is one of the world’s most prolific and fastest-growing plants and is able to reach maturity in about four years, compared to the typical 25 to 70 years for commercial tree species in the U.S. There are over 1000 documented uses of bamboo. 

Bamboo is nature’s most sustainable resource, it is grown without pesticides or chemicals, it is 100% biodegradable, and naturally regenerative. Bamboo is actually a tropical grass, with an extensive root system that sends out an average of four to six new shoots per year, naturally replenishing itself and growing to heights of 60 feet or more. Some bamboo species grow up to 4 feet per day and can be harvested every 3 to 4 years.

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