Rideable Vacuum Cleaner

The idea behind this conceptual design is that children will want to help parents clean the house.  It makes me think of when I was young and my sisters and I would put on thick socks and “skate” on the hardwood floors to help my mother wax them to a high polish.  We had so much fun she could only make us stop by putting the rugs back down.  I can’t wait to see this in stores.

Designer: Kristina Andersson
Source: Yanko Design




Silver Recycled Glassware

It seems these days the buzz is all about Green Designrecycle glasswarerecycle glasswareProducts from flooring to bath towels are made of bamboo.  Napkins and coffee filters are made from hemp.  Recycled glass is everywhere.  It is incorporated into countertops, tiles, hardware and serveware.  I absolutely fell in love with this glassware from VivaTerra because it doesn’t look recycled.  It is very sophisticated.

What could be better than being stylish and environmentally friendly?

recycled glassware