AkzoNobel Color of the Year 2016 and 4 Design Trends

AkzoNobel Color of the Year 2016 | KitchAnn Style

AkzoNobel revealed their 2016 Color of the Year with 4 design trends.

Gold and gold tones are being used everywhere in the design world. It is a recurring color and material at trade shows and in graphic design as well as in architecture, fashion, beauty and interior design. For AkzoNobel it was a natural evolution and transition from the coppery orange that was the Color of the Year for 2015 to select Ochre Gold as the color of the Year for 2016. Continue reading “AkzoNobel Color of the Year 2016 and 4 Design Trends”

Beautiful White Inspiration (Even After Labor Day!)

The summertime wrap-up of Labor Day weekend usually means saying goodbye to White.

In color psychology White is the color of new beginnings, wiping the slate clean, so to speak. It is the blank canvas waiting to be written upon.

White is often considered a timeless color in Kitchen and Bath design. Since many homeowners remodel every 20 years, timeless design is very important and sensible. Continue reading “Beautiful White Inspiration (Even After Labor Day!)”

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