ZLINE Recall of Gas Ranges

ZLINE Recall of Gas Ranges in 2023

*This recall was expanded in November 2023 with more remedy options. Scroll to the bottom for updated information*

If you were part of the Pandemic Remodeling Craze of 2020, pay attention to this recall notice.

ZLINE issued a recall in January 2023 for 30-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch gas ranges due to a faulty oven component of select gas ranges that can emit dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (CO) while in use, posing a serious risk of injury or death from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Electrolux Group Recalls Frigidaire Gas Cooktops and Laundry Centers

Electrolux Group Recalls Frigidaire

Frigidaire owners take notice. Two recalls for home appliances may affect the safety of your family.

Electrolux is recalling all Frigidaire Stainless-Steel 30-inch 4 Burner Gas Cooktops (model FFGC3026SS) and Frigidaire Stainless-Steel 36-inch 5 Burner Gas Cooktops (model FFGC3626SS) with control knobs with black shafts sold between 2016 and 2022

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