Electrolux Aurora Induction Cooktop

Electrolux AuroraI think Australians have a different idea of low-profile design than we do here.  The new Aurora Induction cooktop from Electrolux is called low-profile but it stands two inches tall.  I think this makes cleaning more difficult but many people are excited about the look of the Aurora.

The  Aurora cooktop stands out from other cooktops with it’s LED perimeter lighting and case of white Corian.  The unit is controlled by a touch pad on the white patterned glass top.

The cooktop received an Australian Design Mark. It retails (in Australia only) for $10,000 AUD or approximately $7,050 USD.

Many descriptions I have read describe the Aurora as an appliance that is ideal for open design plans.  Even though the unit has a child safety lock, the installation shown is not considered safe for people walking past the rear of the island.  They could potentially be burned by steam or grease.



Another thing to consider before splurging on this cooktop is that Corian is not heat resistant. 

While induction cooktops are known for not putting out heat; you should be aware that after the food gets hot it will radiate heat to the pot. If the pot is warm enough and comes in contact with the Corian base, you could scorch it.

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ReLED Replaces Your Flourescent Lamps

ReLEDSystems, from Huntington Beach, CA offers an LED replacement for fluorescent T5, T8 and T12 lamps. 

The extruded aluminum linear lamp conforms to the dimensions of a typical fluorescent lamp.  It provides an efficient heat sink and uses bright Lumiled K2 diodes.  The fluorescent ballast is replaced with the Re Driver.  It’s skinny profile helps to make retrofitting the ballast easier.

In addition to the energy savings, the benefits of utilization of LED lighting technology include a 10 year service life (more than half a billion fluorescent tubes are disposed of int he US each year), no infrared or UV light emissions, no mercury or PCBs, high quality light and wide  operating temperature range.

This is great news for people who have fluorescent fixtures in place and want and to utilize LED lighting. 

 Check out this Video