Top Kitchen Trends to Watch in 2022

Top Kitchen Trends to in 2022

Our kitchens are where we cook and prepare the meals that, well, sustain us. Depending on how we perceive them, they can either be positive happy havens or the place we’re doomed to slave away in. So, I curated a collection of top kitchen trends, to help you give your kitchen the makeover it deserves.


In 2022, homeowners are looking to find the perfect appliances for their kitchen, and they’re willing to wait for it, even given the delays in shipping. If they’re waiting a while though, then those appliances must have all the features homeowners are looking for from multiple functions and smart tech to custom color choices.

In an effort to minimize visual clutter, many homeowners are turning to secondary prep spaces where small appliances and other necessities can stay out of sight. For appliances that can’t be sequestered, commercial styling and pro performance are a must as high food prices are driving consumers back to cooking at home again after a brief return to restaurant dining.

House Beautiful Magazine Kitchen of the Year ’19


Homeowners these days are wanting to go wild when it comes to personalizing their space and they expect the same from their kitchen sink. As the most used piece of kitchen equipment, it’s not really surprising that workstation sinks, once only found in luxury kitchens, are finding their way into more homes.

Workstation sinks feature sliding pieces and inserts such as colanders, cutting boards, bins, drying racks, shelves for sponges and more. The innovative design efficiently uses space to allow users to prepare and cut food directly over the sink, also helping to avoid the spread of germs around the rest of the kitchen.

Kallista 45″ MULTIERE Sink

Happiness and Creativity

While the pandemic may seem to be behind us, inflation, natural disasters and war have pushed stress to alarmingly high levels. As some homeowners will continue to choose to work from home there will be a continuation of mindful tweaks to interiors.  Kitchens will have more personality and personal ties to interests, hobbies and pleasures of its occupants.

New material options in cabinetry mean artwork is easy to clean with microfiber towels, restoring the surface to its original finish.

Mindful Zen Kitchens

There have been a lot of philosophy trends on the radar that incorporate a way of living as well as design and aesthetic for your home over the past few years. For 2022, I’ve chosen to highlight the re-discovering of  a zen approach to kitchen design as direct result of recent stressing and historically difficult times.

Although there are no strict rules to follow in a Zen inspired kitchen – which embraces a general idea of simplicity and insightfulness – a few basic principles to follow for a Zen inspired interior include the following: Stripping clutter and excessive repetition for an undistracted mind , using abundantly available natural materials and colors, as well as incorporating natural light (or lights that mimic sunlight) to let in a sense of calmness and quietness.  And don’t forget the plants in your Zen Kitchen for natural air purification and inspiring calm.

Zen Kitchen Rendering by Marco Podrini via Behance

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