Is that a BMW in your kitchen?

ecopod.jpgRecycle in style with this sleek compactor from BMW Designworks.

The Ecopod e1 holds about 50 flattened and crushed cans or plastic bottles until the removable bin is placed curbside or taken to the redemption center.

The upper compartment has extra storage for other recyclable materials like newspapers and glass bottles.

The Ecopod is $328.00 and is available online and soon through Williams Sonoma stores.

Backsplash Design Idea

Who knew black chalkboard paint could be sophisticated and fun at the same time?

This picture from the Cooking Lite 2007 FitHouse shows an inexpensive way you can change the look of your kitchen backsplash. 

If you are removing a 4″ splash you will need to do some work to get your walls smooth.  If your walls are a lost cause or you dont’ want to remove your existing tile you can cut new panels to the size needed for a full splash. Adding a light valance will help to hide any gaps between the cabinets and the full splash.

Using a Glass Divider in Small Kitchens

We’ve all seen glass dividers in our favorite restaurants.  They give us a glimpse of what’s being prepared in the kitchen without the distraction of the noise or heat.  Have you ever considered putting the same concept in your kitchen?

Here’s an apartment in Stuttgart designed for a graphic designer featuring a glass divider.  The glass protects anyone seated at the banquette from any pops or splatters at the cooktop.  It also makes the range hood more effective at catching steam and odors.


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