Backsplash Design Idea

cookinglite.jpgWho knew black chalkboard paint could be sophisticated and fun at the same time?

This picture from the Cooking Lite 2007 FitHouse shows an inexpensive way you can change the look of your kitchen backsplash. 

If you are removing a 4″ splash you will need to do some work to get your walls smooth.  If your walls are a lost cause or you dont’ want to remove your existing tile you can cut new panels to the size needed for a full splash. Adding a light valance will help to hide any gaps between the cabinets and the full splash.

Sicis Bathtub Collection

Sicis Mosaic Tiles turn an ordinary claw-foot tub into a work of art.

Sicis suggests that the ornate bathtub could move beyond the boundaries of the bathroom to form an installation in another area, such as the garden, living room or bedroom.  I think you run the risk of making your home look like a hotel if you place your tub in your bedroom but I like this new take on a classic design.

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Round Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass tiles are very popular in the kitchen and the bathroom; but glass tiles that are round or varied in shape are the hottest trend right now.

These little gems from Interstyle Ceramic & Glass are made from recycled glass and come in a variety of sheet sizes such as 3×12 and 6×6.  I love how these modern tiles create a splash of visual texture and give a natural feel to a material that is often considered hard and cold.

Check out some of the fun colors available here.

These next tiles from Stone Source, also shown in green, are called Bubbles Blend MDS.  You can choose from 59 colors in either a clear or a satin finish.

Another great characteristic of varied-sized mosaic tile is that they tend to catch the eye more than the typical square mosaic tile that can easily start to blend together and appear as a big field of color.

Design Idea for Bathroom

 Hunting for the perfect mirror for the bathroom can sometimes seem impossible. 

I really like how the use of multiple small mirrors over the mosaic tile keeps

this sink area fresh and interesting. 

It’s also a great solution when a tall adult and a small child will use the room. 

I don’t recommend keeping the towel in the sink though.

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