6 Alternatives To Calacatta Marble

If you’re shopping around for surfacing material, you probably already know that few things say elegance like marble.

In the world of white marble there are many variances – some tend towards gray while others are a bit more creamy or granular. Those in the most pure form are without a doubt the hardest to procure and therefore the most expensive. 

A major market favorite is Calacatta, it is exclusive and has pronounced veining contrasted by an almost pure white background. Fortunately there are realistic Calacatta alternatives available that are easier to ship, require less maintenance and won’t change with age as marble will. Check out these incredible copycats.


Maxfine is a Collection of “thin porcelain panels” or tpp by Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti (FMG) a division of the Iris-Group, an international manufacturer and exporter of ceramic and porcelain tile. The Iris Group operates Stonepeak Ceramics in Crossville, TN which produces 6 million square meters of material a year.

Maxfine‘s Marmi Calacatta  comes in 120″ x 60″ and 60″ x 60″ x 6mm slabs/tiles. Smaller tile  are available for floors and walls.  The Marmi Calacatta beautifully captures the elegance that we come to expect from a Calacatta. A/B book-matched panels allow designers to add movement and drama to an interior.

6 Alternatives To Calacatta Marble


Neolith by TheSize offers Calacatta in their Classtone Collection. It  blends the classicism and elegance of marble with revolutionary Neolith Digital Design (NDD) technology.

Like all Neolith products, Classtone is a sintered compact surface offered in 6 mm thickness. For improved functionality in the Kitchen, Neolith offers jumbo 3,200 mm by 1,500 mm (125″ x 59″) sheets in 12 mm thickness. The Calacatta is available in 3 finishes: Polished, Textured, Silk.

The grayish veins with subtle hints of gold lays on a bright white body bringing light and vitality to the kitchen or bath.

6 Calacatta Marble Alternatives from Kitchen Studio of Naples


iTOPKer Countertops is a another product that stands out from the rest. It’s a line of tpp by Inalco, a Spanish manufacturer known for their slimline porcelain tiles.

iTOPKer countertops offer an impressive collection of 50 design choices. The Touché Collection offers the elegance of Calacatta with the added benefits of porcelain. 12mm thickness for countertops and 6 mm thickness for walls and floors provides many design options. The 126″ x 59″ slabs are offered in both natural and high polish finishes. The Super Blanco-Gris  design is one of my favorites for it’s ultra-white body.

6 Calacatta Marble Alternatives from Kitchen Studio of Naples


I fell in love with Coverlam Top when I saw it in Spain at the Cevisama Tile show. Coverlam Top by Grespania is a thin ceramic slab suitable for countertops, walls and floors. Coverlam comes as thin as 3.5 mm up to 12 mm. One benefit is the multiple sizes available – 5.6 mm thickness is offered in a long 1200  x 3600 mm format, the 10.5 mm thickness is available in 1000 x 3000 mm slabs and the 12 mm thickness is offered in a jumbo 1620 x 3240 mm format.

Coverlam offers a Calacatta Collection so there’s no strange name to remember. Coverlam has 18 collections in total offered in 6 different finishes, including stone, cement, wood, metal, monochromatic and marble.

6 Calacatta Marble Alternatives from Kitchen Studio of Naples


Silestone by Consentino has been producing quartz slabs since 1990. Consentino is another Spain-based manufacturer who recently opened a US Headquarters in Miami.

Many consider Calacatta Gold, the crown jewel of the Silestone Eternal Series, It is subtle in nature but its bold refine veining draws similarities from the coveted marble.  Silestone slabs come in two sizes – standard is 55 inches by 120 inches and Jumbo – 63 inches by 128 inches.

While the binders in quartz countertops keep it from being heat resistant, there are some advantages to using quartz. The 2 cm and 3 cm edges can be profiled with various edge details. Another nice benefit that Silestone offers is the ability to fabricate an unsupported overhang. According to their website, the max overhang is 15″ for  3 cm ( 1 1/4″) and 11″ for a 2 cm (3/4″) material.  Another key benefit is that engineered stone is quieter than tpp countertops.

6 Calacatta Marble Alternatives from Kitchen Studio of Naples


Cambria  is the only American manufacturer on this list of Calacatta alternatives. The Marble Collection  marries the sophisticated look of marble with the low-maintenance convenience and superior performance of natural quartz. Torquay offers soft gray swirls and movement similar to Calacatta.

A nice feature of Cambria is that its quartz is responsibly mined, and 100 percent of the water used during processing is recycled. Their jumbo slabs are offered in 1 cm, 2 cm and 3 cm thicknesses in a polished finish or matte finish. A unique benefit Cambira offers is their Augmented Reality App that helps homeowners envision their new countertops in their own kitchen.

Calacatta marble alternatives from Kitchen Studio of Naples


Half the battle to a beautiful kitchen is the fabrication. If you want to discuss the options for your kitchen project, KSN is here to help.

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