Seta Faucet

The Seta faucet is the most spectacular kitchen faucet I have seen.  Created by Bandini of Florence, the Seta combines refined aesthetics with the latest manufacturing technology.  The pure lines and shapes capture the demand for luxury and sophistication so highly sought after in today’s homes.


Get the Most Life out of your CFL

Here’s an excerpt from a great article about how switching CFLs on and off can shorten their life and how long you should burn your CFL.

“Switching CFLs on and off does shorten lamp life, but [the] conclusion that they need a three- to five-hour on-cycle to maintain a reasonably long life does not appear to be correct. Robert Clear, a staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, told Enviromental Building News that it has been difficult to get data on this question, but a 1998 study of electronically ballasted CFLs found a 20% reduction in lamp life if the on-time was reduced to one hour. With significantly shorter on-times, the lamp life is dramatically reduced: with 15-minute on-time cycling, lamp life dropped 70% and with five-minute on-time lamp life dropped 85% (which brings the lamp life close to that of incandescent light bulbs). “This suggests that you should consider replacing incandescents with CFLs in any application where the lamp is on an average of [at least] about 10 minutes per start,” said Clear. He added that “every switch cycle is equivalent to about 6 minutes of lamp life. This means that you should turn a CFL off if you think it won’t be turned on again for another five minutes or so.” This approach should also maximize electricity and cost savings.”

Contemporary Bathroom Pedestals

WS Bath Collections Patio and Fontana Collections use exotic hard-woods to support elegant basins.

  concert  console

“A minimalist design, the Fontana has a simple strength that gives it a strong presence. The basin’s black velvet finish lends the perfect contrast to the warm wood pillar. Matched with wall-mounted faucets the water freely tumbles into the vessel like basin, blending gleaming metal, black ceramic, warm wood and the glittering shimmer of water. With a masculine essence and refined simplicity the Fontana Console creates a modern classic for the WS Bath Collections.

 The Patio Console offers a sculptural free-standing design with a contemporary edge. A free-standing pillar, the Patio Console flares up widely from the floor. The vibrant textured grain is then topped by a thin band of brilliant white ceramic. The rectangular basin seamlessly continues the geometric form for a single sculptural unit. Within the warm wood unit is concealed shelf and storage area. A distinctive modern design that rises from the floor to actively engage the space around it, the Patio Console by WS Bath offers a contemporary character unique within the Concert Collection.” —Trendir

I couldn’t have said it better.

Detergent-Free Washing Machine

HaierA new washing machine from Haier, China’s largest home appliance manufacturer, is marketing the WasH20, which doesn’t use detergent to clean clothes. Instead, it breaks down water molecules into their OH- and H+ ionic components. The OH- acts a cleaning agent, attracting and retaining stains, while the H+ ions sterilize and clean the clothes.

The machine is only available for sale in France for the equivalent of about $1,000. No word on when it may become available in the States, or if it would sell for a similar price.

Only time my tell how effective this machine is at cleaning or if other brands will launch similar machines.