2017 Tile Trends

Designers and consumers like their walls and floors to have a sense of texture. And with every space serving as an opportunity to make a design statement, it’s hard not to want to take advantage of  all the great materials available today.

Linen Tile trend | KitchAnn Style

Tile that mimics the look of fabric or linen has been available for a while. but the techniques used to mimic these soft textures has gotten so goodwith 3-D inks and HD printing that you can’t help but be drawn to the subtle textures.


While the diversity of textures, rich palette and relative affordability have contributed to the popularity of wallpapers as a finishing material, the durability can be less than desired. fabric effect tiles are an optimum alternative.

Tweed: New Tile Trends | KitchAnn Style

Tile is a great choice for high-traffic and wet areas. Here in Florida humidity is always a concern, so I can see these new textile effect tiles being very popular in cabana houses and vacation homes.


Tile manufacturers have piggy backed on the carpet industry’s growth of solid-colored and distressed tweeds opening the way for textured tiles to lead the way in tile trends for 2017.

New Tile Trends Tweed | KitchAnn Style

There’s a drive for authenticity of appearance from the manufacturers.  Tile manufactures can amazingly recreate the twisted fibers of  ornate tapestries.

Much more versatile and durable than the real thing, tiles that mimic carpeting are also more sustainable.

Tapestry New Tile Trend | KitchAnn Style

Home owners still favor tiles that have a time-worn beauty. This demand has made the matte finishes that are soft not only to the eye but also to the touch most popular.  Most of the new textile-effect tiles are being offered in restrained palettes such as grays, rich taupes, denims  and smokey greens.

New Tile Trends- carpet efect | KitchAnn Style

Since wood tile continues to be popular, I’d expect to see textile effect tile mixed-in with distressed wood-look tiles. As the carpet effect tile trend continues to grow the ever popular hexagon tile will lose its top trending position to the chevron shape.


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