How to Adjust Concealed Cabinet Hinges

3 Easy Adjustment Tips to get your cabinet doors back in alignment

After a while cabinet hinges get out of alignment due to various reasons such as people leaning on the door to stand up after stooping down low.

Here are some great pictures to help you understand how to get your doors back in line.  You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver and a little patience.

Height Adjustment – helps you to adjust doors so they align at the top and bottom.

How to adjust cabinet hinges up and down | Kitchen Studio of Naples

Note: Run your hand along the underside of the doors.  You will easily feel which doors are sitting lower than the others.

Depth Adjustment– Lets you bring a door into alignment with veritcal surfaces such as drawers.

How to adjust cabinet hinges in and out | Kitchen Studio of Naples

Note: Check to make sure you are not missing a door bumper.  Missing door bumpers will cause your cabinets to look out of alignment.

Side Adjustment– adjusts gaps between doors and alleviates rubbing doors.

How to adjust cabinet hinges side to side | Kitchen Studio of Naples
Note: Right Side Hinge: Clockwise moves door to RIGHT, CCW moves door to LEFT
Left Side Hinge: Clockwise moves door to LEFT, CCW moves door to RIGHT

Knowing this will keep your cabinets in good shape. If you want to add plungers that help push your doors open, check out my post on touch-latch hardware.

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  1. Hello ! Thanks for the alignment instructions, however I could not find how to adjust the door so it would close completely. Are there adjustments that accomplish this? Gary

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