Backsplash Design Idea

cookinglite.jpgWho knew black chalkboard paint could be sophisticated and fun at the same time?

This picture from the Cooking Lite 2007 FitHouse shows an inexpensive way you can change the look of your kitchen backsplash. 

If you are removing a 4″ splash you will need to do some work to get your walls smooth.  If your walls are a lost cause or you dont’ want to remove your existing tile you can cut new panels to the size needed for a full splash. Adding a light valance will help to hide any gaps between the cabinets and the full splash.

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  1. I like this idea. It is a nice alternative to a regular painted backsplash. It probably washes better than regular paint too.

  2. Great idea, but won’t the blackboard eventually get oily from food splatters? Even if you wipe it after every use, won’t the surface become a bit resistant to the chalk since wiping kinda smoothen’s the surface?

  3. I have been asked this a lot. I think this is not a good idea for someone who frequently deep-fries foods. I think the quality of the paint will also be a factor. Although most chalkboards are cleaned with a wet sponge I suggest painting a sample first to test washability.

    1. If you do not want to use the higher stainless splash then you will need to purchase what is called “island trim.” It is a flat piece of metal that covers the gap where the taller spalsh would be.

  4. fantastic! In my home staging consultations, i almost never see a backsplash, and equally never convince the home owner of the the value of spending the effort to install one. This is a fantastic and feasible option that I will now recommend to my clients. Thank you for the info!

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