Bathroom Design for a New World

As remote working and remote learning has boomed during  the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise in the number of people staying at home has prompted many to reconsider how they want to live.

Gone are the days when the whole family required synchronized readiness. Without this need for everyone to be showered and dressed and out the door at the same time, the bathroom is morphing into a space for escape.

Whether you’re doing a full-scale renovation or just want to make a few changes, here’s a few suggestions for creating your bathroom oasis.

Bathroom Design for a New World

Controlled Lighting

For a spa-like bathroom, lighting is super important. Using dimmable lights behind mirrors, under cabinets, and in alcoves can create a restful and calming space.

Bathroom Design for a New World using dimmable lights
Cross Wood plank tile in Ebony

For more control, link your lighting and window coverings to your smart home automation system.

Japandi Earth-Inspired Hues

More than just an interior style, Japandi is a philosophy. It melds the fine craftsmanship and purpose of an object with the beauty of raw materials and  natural elements. Choosing quality over quantity will give small spaces room to breathe.

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2019
via Pinterest, credit Loft Kolasinksi

Sustainability and Naturalness

The trend this year has been to consume as little as possible and take care of the home.

Bathroom Design for a New World using plants
Durable materials like quartz and concrete pair beautifully with wood and metal accents.    Credit Snook Photo 

Especially for bathroom renovations which are heavily used areas, homeowners want to get away from cheap materials from China that have a fast wear cycle.  And, according to trends on Pinterest, Vertical Gardens are a top search item for 2020 indicating that  Biophilic design is a real necessity and is more than just a trend.


Did you know? Adding biophilic design elements to our spaces can stave off the winter doldrums, improve air quality, reduce stress.

Luxe Vibe

Attention towards the smallest details of the bathroom and personalization has become the hallmark of luxury design.

Eclectic Glamour, the latest trend for 2020-2021, takes last year’s refined glamour trend up a notch. This trend encompasses decorative surfaces to high-quality storage that caters exactly to homeowners’ individual needs.

Bathroom Design for a New World top down marble
Multipanel shower

Using marble material is not a new thing, but this year the marble trend is particularly strong in large formats covering entire bathroom walls.

Don’t be afraid of darker shades and deep wood finishes to bring home that glam appeal.

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  1. Ann, you have totally hit the nail on the head with this, “… the bathroom is morphing into a space for escape.” I am seeing this more and more with my own clients.

    All of your tips are spot on as well!

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