Behr 2017 Color Trends

Each year BEHR presents 20 new limited edition trend colors. They describe their 2017 palette as a curated collection of livable, fashion-forward hues divided into 3 lifestyle collections.

BEHR takes a non-traditional approach to color forecasting. Instead of choosing just one dominant color of the year, its team of experts selects a collection of hues that are curated into separate themes, empowering individuals to choose colors and color combinations that speak to their emotions and personalities in the year ahead. For 2017, the palettes themes are: Comfortable, Composed and Confident.


If you are an introvert or shy about using color then the Comfortable palette is where you’ll feel at home. Soft pastels mix with warm neutrals to create a serene setting. To energize the space, add accents of bright yellow or bold green.

This shower is styled perfectly to show how a vibrant garden stool can liven up a subdued bathroom palette.

I think it’s best to layer color. In this white kitchen the stools and pastel refrigerator make this space feel charming and inviting. Changing up the rug would take this space even farther.


If you are the creative, social type you might be drawn to the Confident palette, defined by dusky blues, citrus-toned yellows, and lime greens, designed to captivate your attention and enliven a space.

Feeling Blue isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The vibrant table adds life to the kitchen above.

You may never think to mix materials like clay tile and enamel gloss but in this kitchen the high gloss blue looks effortlessly chic when paired with a spicy red.


If you are an assertive person or emotionally intense, the Composed palette with deep, earth-inspired tones and rich jeweled shades should appeal to you. These dark and moody hues provide a rich background on which other colors can be layered for visual impact.

This mineral grey might look solemn on a plain wall but on this paneled wall, it looks softer and more soothing.

Sometimes it’s easier to think of decorating with new colors on a smaller scale such as a new place setting or a tablescape for entertaining.

“Whether its your first time painting or you’re a seasoned colorist, the ability to remix the Behr Color Currents hues among one another allows individuals to find the color and palette that’s right for them. Our goal is to provoke fresh creativity while allowing homeowners the freedom to make their home their own.” – Erika Woelfel, VP of color and creative services at Behr

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