Dunn-Edwards Color of the Year 2019

Dunn-Edwards has announced its Color of the Year 2019 – Spice of Life – and it is very similar to another COTY.

Spice of Life is a  dark, browned, fire brick red with orange undertones. It’s very similar to Cavern Clay introduced earlier this year by Sherwin-Williams.

“It’s a celebration of what makes life interesting and exciting. Spice of Life makes a bold statement with a melding of diverse and global cultural influences.” – Sarah McLean, Dunn-Edwards color expert

Dunn-Edwards selected Spice of Life as their Color of the Year choice for 2019, marking a shift from cooler hues towards more earth-inspired colors, based on their research that shows people long for the simplicity of basics with an extra dose of soul.

Architect Stanislav Tokarev and designer Tatyana Poltoratskaya

This global, exotic color is represented in Sojourn, one of the Dunn-Edwards 2019 Color + Design Trend Stories I wrote about in June. It’s a palette that “celebrates layers of cultures and eras that blend harmoniously, combining modesty and the grandiose.”

How to use Dunn-Edwards Color of the Year 2019

Elle Decor

In 2019 we’ll celebrate earth tones, in both fashion and interiors, which look seemingly basic, but are both fashionable and functional.

by Wiseman & Gale, Dino Tonn Photography

Our love of folklore stories, journeys back in time and exotic influences will drive how we use Spice of Life. Select accent pieces that are a mixture of craft, travel and heritage.

Ohara Davies-Gaetano via Andrew Martin

Spice of Life is a celebration of what makes life interesting and exciting. This inviting and adventurous  hue can be used in small doses to create unexpected stylish details such as this plank inspired ceiling.

by Kelly Wearstler

This strong, full-bodied and intense hue, full of passion and life, can look organic and natural or appear moody and sophisticated. It urges us to explore, to reflect, to live.

photo: Salvador Cordaro

Incorporating Spice of Life and earth tones into an interior is kind of like introducing a visual palette cleanser among the bolder trends being introduced right now. These tones mix well with greige tones that have recently dominated interior palettes.

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