Dutch Boy Color of the Year 2019

Paint brand Dutch Boy just announced their 2019 Color of the Year and it’s (drumroll, please) Garden Patch (326-5DB). It’s accompanied by three eight-color design palettes—Homestead, Studio and Sanctuary—that embody a happier, more empathetic country seeking greater peace and understanding while celebrating diversity at the same time.

The color, shown above, is inspired by nature and is reminiscent of Pantone’s Color of the Year from 2017: Greenery, but softer and less yellowy in tone.


Dutch Boy Paints’ Color of the Year 2019

Garden Patch, a green that is not too deep and not too primary, is a nostalgic, botanical hue that stands out for its warm and calming effect. Paired with soft naturals and pops of warm colors, Garden Patch offers rejuvenation and peace at the end of the day in every room of the home.

Dutch Boy Paints’ Color of the Year 2019

“All of our colors for 2019 have a happier tone and reflect an upswing in how people are feeling. Even colors that are traditionally on the cooler side of the palette have a level of warmth and happiness than what we’ve seen in the recent past. Even though people may see challenges in their lives, they’re thinking positively and expressing more empathy.” – Rachel Skafidas, color and design manager, Dutch Boy Paints

Dutch Boy Paints’ Color of the Year 2019
Lara McGraw via Style at Home

You don’t have to go big if you want to experiment with this COTY. Leave the paint at the hardware store, and look to add pops of this optimistic hue in your linens, furniture or rugs.

Dutch Boy Paints’ Color of the Year 2019
de Gournay

Few wallpaper designs are able to draw us into a world of opulence and beauty than those hand-created by de Gournay. One of the joys of their paper is that they can be taken from house to house. How can you not be inspired by this green Chinoiserie print?

Dutch Boy Paints’ Color of the Year 2019
Too often, bathroom look cold and sterile with white on white design choices. Let Garden Patch inspire you to create a bathroom sanctuary where you can recharge. Try using warm metallic tones such as bronze or copper as accents, they’ll get better with age as a rich patina develops.

Dutch Boy Paints’ Color of the Year 2019
Temporary wallpaper via Etsy

Garden Patch is right at home in the modern Jungalow home. All you need is  color, pattern, and plants.

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