The Hottest Finish for 2019

Have you ever worried the products you are selecting today for your remodel will be out of favor when they’re installed months away?

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.  Knowing that home interior trends tend to follow beauty and fashion, I can offer some tips that will keep your home ahead of “current.”

Hottest Finish 2019: Matte Black

From the Residential to the Commercial market, expect to see bold, refined designs that create a sense of drama as matte black moves in.

True Refrigeration

Appliance manufacturers know darker kitchens with neutral oaks, charcoal and concrete hues will be trending in the coming year so they’ve launched an array of matte black appliances to be ready. Fortunately for us, these new black appliances resist smudges and fingerprints and are easier to clean.

The open floor plan concept has been popular for a while now but it’s slowing starting to change with use of black glass dividers. Steel-framed partitions exclusively designed for interiors are being incorporated into homes to create spaces that feel both light and inclusive but also retain an element of separation.

Edgy and versatile, the sturdy, slim-profile frames of steel doors tap into the current trend for all things industrial; yet are versatile enough to work with all sorts of styles from Modern farmhouse to Scandi.

Internal glazing makes your living space a more inspiring place to be than a room with four walls and a window.


I’ve mentioned Fenix on the blog before and I can’t wait to get my new matte black cabinet door samples in. One of the advantages of the Fenix material is that it is produced using next-generation resin developed with nanotechnologies. This means that your new kitchen fronts will be highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, rubbing, dry heat, kitchen solvents, fingerprints and mold.

I really like to super dark opaqueness of the color and the velvety feel of the doors. Come by to see all the colors available.


Stone Forest Pedestal

Interestingly, the more muted look of a matte finish is what allows the design of an object to stand out. This is a key tenant of the Japandi Trend and this stone pedestal is a perfect example of how a simple shape can look beautiful.

If you’re ready to take your house out of the white on white style, you don’t have to start from scratch to take advantage of this trend. Replacing a few doors or changing hardware is a great way to update your look.

I like the affordability of working with powder-coated aluminum glass doors. Consider mixing in ribbed glass for a modern look.

Marble and black bronze hardware


Modern, sleek, and understated, black matte decor is basically the perfect touch for any room.

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